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We all love shopping and we all love a good deal. But finding good deals isn't always that easy. So, when you decide to buy something expensive, you should probably know what to look for in order to spend your money wisely. My first advice would be to always pay attention to the fabric. Sometimes you may think that just because something is expensive or just because it's a designer piece, it is made from good material. But , you may end up splurging on cotton. Invest in silk, leather, cashmere and maybe linen. This of course doesn't mean that you should spend an outrageous amount of money just because something is made of these. Nor because it's a designer product. Many people consider an investment to buy designer pieces, but this is not always true. A good fabric and good manufacture can also be found at stores like Topshop and Zara or even at a thrift shop, at a reasonable price. Don't ever buy something because you saw it on a model or a celebrity. Different people, different bodies most of the time, and most importantly, different pockets(or wallets). Always go for quality, but keep in mind that when it comes to making an investment, you should always do your research. Apart from these, I also made a small list with splurges vs investments.
1. Statement Bags
You maybe think that that new bag with the fun colors and prints will look amazing on you, and maybe you're right. But trendy bags go out of style real quick and can't be easily styled. I'm sure you don't want 1.000$ or more to sit in your closet.
Hint: Sometimes you also splurge in really small bags that are not practical at all.
Instead: Classic Bag
A timeless iconic bag that you can carry every single day, all day long and that fits everything you need inside it. A piece that you could possible save for next generations. Something you'll never regret buying.
2. Statement Jewelry
An eye-catcher for sure. Something that will make your outfit pop and will definitely make all your friends completely jealous. And you'll end up wearing it once. It may be pure gold(not!) and have the most precious stones, but how often can you wear it? And just like everything else, if it's new and too trendy, there's a risk to go out of fashion.
Instead: Dainty Pieces
Whether it's a pair of small earrings, a necklace, or a ring, a delicate piece is always a good choice. Pretty and discreet, it's easy to style and wear every day with everything. Plus, if it has a special meaning for you, it's better to be able to wear it all the time.
3. Statement Shoes
You feel like you own the world when you wear them, like the lovely Cinderella. But I assure you that your prince probably can't afford to buy you infinite pairs of shoes. So if something is way too edgy, uncomfortable, you can't wear it at work, and it's hard to style, then it's probably not the best choice.
Hint: Stop splurging on animal prints and trendy designer shoes.
Instead: Classic Pumps
Just like I've said above. Comfy, classic, timeless, day-to-night. I'm sure that you'll be much happier if you can be proud of your investment by wearing it all the time. Every woman needs a pair of pumps that's above "descent" in black, nude and white(your choice)
4. Statement Dress
That gorgeous thing that seems to be winking at you every time you pass in front of the store and you just know that will look amazing on you. So you just buy it for a "special moment". No! That special moment is not going to come and you know it. You'll just have another great piece hanging sad in your closet.
Hint: Buy things according to your lifestyle. If you attend many black tie events, you obviously need a gown. If you usually hang with your friends at your local coffee house or at your place eating pizza and playing Wii, not so much.
Instead: Little Black Dress
I don't think I should say anything here. Just that if you already have too many(good for you^*) then you could go for one with a little twist. Like this amazing LBD by Saint Laurent with the open back. Chic, timeless and sexy.
5.Statement Overcoat
You want to wear your coat/jacket with literally everything, from your fancy dress, to your pj's when you walk your dog in the morning. So, if you want to invest in a quality piece, try something more basic and less extravagant.
Hint: Overcoats are usually more expensive that other things, so make sure you spend all your money on something that will keep you warm when you won't be able to pay for the electricity(just kidding)
 Instead: Leather jacket
It will never get "old" or "last season". In fact, the older it gets, the better. It will add a certain air of glory to it. It matches and upgrades everything you can possibly own and it feels great wearing it. Go for a classic design instead of an embellished, fringed or neon one.
Hint: If you are not a fan of real leather, you could always choose vegan leather. Eco friendly!
I could go on and on, but I think I've covered the basics. Always prefer the staple pieces such as a pair of black pants or plein jeans and lay low with the edgy and crazy ones. If you're a fan of these, you should definitely have them in your closet, but you may want to consider buying a more affordable version. Invest in what you truly need. Fashion trends come and go, but there are certain pieces that you won't regret buying, even in many many years!
If you want to check out the campaign of, a marketplace to buy and sell giftcards, and see their ideas on impulse shopping and ways you usually splurge without realising it, then you can read their article here
What do you guys think of my tips? What do you usually splurge on? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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