Sunday, August 31, 2014


I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist I'm gonna fly like a bird through the night, feel my tears as they dry
We all know it's really hard for me to say no to a chance to style new looks. So, when VienneMilano approached me and asked me to create a new outfit with their products using Polyvore I couldn't resist. Being able to even feel like a stylist is such a great feeling and I'm hoping that one day I'll get to experience the real thing.
For now, let's just focus on the two sets I created using two pairs of stockings from their website
I wanted two that would be completely different, for fall. It's sad, I know to think that fall is already here but, with a couple of good styling options, everything is just better.
For the first one(header), I went for a casual, younger look. Something that you can obviously wear for a walk with friends but also at school. I know, I'm pretty obsessed with chic grunge, because if you do it right, it's simply amazing. I like the outfit the way it is, but you can always tie a flannel around your waist and change the sweater for a tank top or a graphic tee. Multitasking and versatile. Probably the words I'm using the most in my posts :P
Like a black widow baby ♥
The other one is 180⁰ away. It kinda seems like these two outfits wouldn't be easily worn by the same person. This one is trendy in a different way. I NEED this blanket coat so badly! The Louboutins are also to-die-for and I love the leather cropped top and the patterned pencil skirt combo. It's an outfit that you can wear from day to night, at work etc.
I really can't decide which one is my favorite, but I know I really like and would definitely wear both. I hope you like them too!

Friday, August 29, 2014


It's Friday yeah! I'm just getting excited over silly things because I feel like fall is knocking on my door and if that didn't mean going back to a stressful school year, I would be totally fine. I love fall so much and I'll tell you more in an upcoming post. I'm all planning ahead now that I'm back.
Anyways, nobody can say that they are all ready and good for fall without the right makeup. We all have that one product that we bought back in May and are just dying to finally use it. I decided not to talk about foundation, creams etc. since these are not optional, but to focus more on the trends of the season. 
So, straight from the runway and the great designers, here they are.
This is probably the year of the nudes. During summer everyone was obsessing over the trend and, right now, nobody seems willing to let go. The "no makeup" makeup is likely to be your best buddy this fall.
TIP: Stay away from the really light shades since they can make you look kinda dead. Go for peachy or brown nudes.

All flirty and dark, these products are going to add that 60's vibe to your looks. The perfect wing and bold, black lashes to make your eyes pop.

'Cause sparkles just make everything better! Party at night, dazzle in the morning ^*

Red is always in, no matter the season! I really want to try the new products by Louboutin btw.

Some unexpected pops of color never hurt anyone. Double points for metallic outcome ;)
Burgundy is one of the it-colors this season and together with mauve, they happen to be the perfect transitional shades. Darker than hot pink but still, really hot.
Fall without brown is like chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate. Sad, I know. But gladly, whether you prefer dark coffee or golden bronze, it's all here

We may like brown smokey, but the original grey-black will always come first! Just remember to love the smoke only at your makeup...

That's a lot of makeup guys and, frankly, I don't really know where to start from. But I'm getting so much inspiration from all that and I can't wait to create some great looks for fall. I hope you do too♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer