Saturday, November 21, 2015


I've been there too a few times...
Hello my loves! I hope you are doing great. Are you excited for the weekend? I know I am! Today is the first day after a looong time that it's finally getting a little colder here. I don't know about where you live but, if the weather continues like that here, we will end up decorating our floaties XD
I know that when it gets cold it's harder to look stylish and chic. I for one, just want to wear oversized sweaters, cocoon coats, sweatpants and Uggs. This is why I decided to make this post. We all need some inspiration and some motivation because-let's face it-it's a struggle to even leave your warm cozy bed in the morning, let alone putting together stylish outfits. I created 6 different ones for you that will prevent you from looking like a puffy bear!
The first one(header) is definitely one of my favorites here! I am so obsessed with khaki this season and I absolutely adore how all these different hues look so nice together. Maybe it's because it is a neutral, but a fun one! If the bold lipstick is too much for you, you can go for nude for a more Kim Kardashian-esque look.
Like a scene from a movie that every broken heart knows♥
The second one is very chic and feminine and-I would say-office appropriate. I just can't get over how beautiful these Louboutin pumps are and how they make this look totally not boring. 
In the blink of an eye!
The third one for the fashion freaks out there who just love to combine different pieces and prints into one crazy outfit. Here, I both needed a bold pop of color but I also needed a black tailored coat to calm things down.
Oh god what am I doing here...
The fourth one is very safe but yet bold and young, which I love. I like that you get to look glam and put together while staying comfy. Depending on your style, you can wear this from running errands to going out for drinks! It's up to you ^*
Wanna argue all day but to love all night♥
You probably already know by now that burgundy is also a huge favorite of mine this season. I just can't get enough! Thus, I needed to create the fifth look. It's actually all black with a pop of color-very safe if you ask me. I just tried to add more daring pieces instead of the plain old simple ones ;)
You dew you♥
The last one is so trendy and chic that I just can't even! I used to be all about cool tones for the colder months but that seems to have changed. Now I'm all about warm tones, gold elements and dewy skin!
So, these are the looks I created. What do you guys think? What is your go-to outfit for those colder days? Let me know in the comments below♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer