Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hello my loves! It's been a week since we've talked and many things have happened in my life. First, I'm technically a blonde now! If you follow me on social media, you already know XD Apart from that, life has been pretty...meh lately and I'm hoping that the universe has something pretty exciting in mind for my upcoming birthday(fingers crossed guys)!
Anyway, we are not here today to talk about my life. We're here to-finally-finish the mini series about alternative spring prints. If you missed the previous one you can check it out here. Today's star of the show? Pinstripes! 
I am utterly obsessed with stripes in any way, shape and form. I think that they are so versatile and chic and it's so easy to style them and look effortlessly cool. I mean, Coco Chanel liked the mariniere so...♥
I think that pretty much everyone has something stripped in their wardrobe, which is why I think that this print is so nice for spring. You could literally do so much and feel comfortable in it. Now, an important point. Pinstripes are basically really thin stripes. In my experience, those are the most flattering and chic ones. Plus, they're so much easier to mix with other prints. And we all know how much I love mix n' match!
What about you guys? Will you wear pinstripes this spring? Let me know in the comments below♥

Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer