Sunday, September 28, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone! I already did a post about my September favorites and in the spirit of trying new post ideas, I thought I should do one about my instagram photos of the month. Just to give you a little more insight to my life. A few more details to the photos than the caption offers.
(header): A french braid is my life-saving go-to style. Rain, humidity, crazy hair, just don't want my hair on my face? French braid! Combined with this cozy mariniere and the gold bow-knot it makes me feel like a french girl. 
 Delicious dessert with strawberries, creme patisserie and madagascar vanilla! Light and divine!
 It was raining and the sky looked so amazing. It really takes my breath away whenever I look up these days. #teamrain
 Pink office supplies were much needed! They make studying so much better. I love pink, we all know that!(latin in the background-.-)
 We were at the center of the city, or just "center" like we call it, really early in the morning and it was such a pleasure to see the always overly crowded streets almost empty for a change. Btw this part is one of my favorites in Athens. It's just culture and nature, past and present all in just one look...
 My friend has been really into origami lately and she is making swans and birds and other cute stuff. She made me this butterfly♥
 Throwback to an amazing summer in Paros. Aegean in the back, the shadow of a palm tree and my carefree, happy and relaxed self. Truly miss that.
 Hand cream brought to me from Bulgaria by a friend. It's never too early to start protecting your skin now that it's getting chilly. This beautiful rose scent just makes it even better.
 Someone cut off parts of a really big tree in my neighbourhood and while I was walking home, I noticed these beautiful flowers on it and I had to take them home. One of the greatest books, Piano Lessons, right next to them.
Walking in ancient ruins, in Athens, back when it was still warm in the beginning of September. This light...
Wings and b&w for life! Eyeliner and mascara are obviously essentials for a night out. My eyebrows are natural btw.
 Bathroom selfie at a girls night out-much needed. Wearing my beloved leather jacket from Zara^^
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Feel free to DM me or comment here and tell me how your month was!

Friday, September 26, 2014


Hey guys! How's it going? I'm so sorry I'm not posting very often, but things are pretty hectic here and I honestly don't have enough time to do anything! Anyways, September went by soooo fast and I can't wait for ^actual^ fall weather. With that said, I thought I should do a post about my favorite stuff of the month. I've never done this before, but I sure love it when other bloggers do it. Let's go!
These bracelets (header) from Strass Bijoux go literally with everything! I could totally see myself wearing them all winter but also at the beach next summer! ♥
 This eyeshadow duo by Estee Lauder is absolutely perfect. It's super old and I actually dug it up from my mum's makeup storage. The colors are 60-Tea Biscuit, a light beige with a hint of shimmer, perfect to apply all over the lid. And 55-Chocolate Chip, a matt dark brown, perfect to create depth at the crease. I mean, with names like these, how could they not be delicious? I'm sure you can tell my mum loved them too.
Still on the eyes, my two new black liners, a pencil one by MAC and a liquid one by H&M. That last one is the new and improved version and it creates a really precise and thin line, or a thicker one if you apply more. My previous one was empty and I really love my wings, so this one saved my life!
When I saw this shower gel, I knew I had to have it. And when I smelled it, I knew I was right! It smells so, so good and the soap has such a fun purple color. I showered and the entire house had an amazing smell for a couple of minutes...
Speaking of things that smell and feel divine, this body butter by Avon blew my mind! It makes your skin so soft and smells, well, tasty ^*
 This bad boy was also hidden somewhere in my mum's vanity and she didn't even know she had it. It was brand new and I use it EVERY SINGLE DAY! It's such a good quality and it makes it so easy to apply my BB cream, concealer or foundation.
Big pearl studs are so versatile and chic and add a little extra something to any casual look. 

 I keep collecting the strange looks people give me when I say I love oat meal. I don't just like it. I looove it. It's so great and you can eat it with everything every hour of the day and even create other stuff from it like cookies or granola bars. Plus, it's healthy and good for you. Lately, I've been liking it for breakfast with yogurt and fruit.
This sippy cup and it's been with me all day ever since I got it. It's big and perfect for all my smoothies and juices, but also for some hot tea or chocolate! For some reason, everyone keeps asking me what I am drinking:P
 I know it may look a little odd in the picture, but this top by Stradivarius is so pretty and cute. The neckline is not so wide if you leave only one shoulder exposed and it's a great transitional piece.
 Does this really need a caption? I don't think so. It's!
Last but not least, This gorgeous Estee Lauder lipstick in the color 09-Venetian Rose is quite a vintage find. It's so creamy and compliments perfectly my skin tone and the color of my lips. Neutrals for that a trend?
So guys, this was it! I'm sorry I'm blabbering, but since I don't post as much as I used to I need to say more. I hope you like my favorites and that you're doing well:D

Friday, September 19, 2014


For those of you who don't remember my previous post about Migato, you can check it out here and find out more about them. Greek shoes and accessories brand, one of my favorites to be honest. It's always a must to step by their store every season, just to see what they came up with each time. Having all their great stuff in my mailbox, well, that was nice! I was really excited to see all the new pieces for fall and winter.
These are only some of the things I liked, but I couldn't just add the entire collection, could I? Mainly basic pieces, staples that you can wear in multiple occasions and style them in different ways. Again, I love multitasking pieces. I can't help it. Of course, I gave in and picked some crazy leopard stuff as well. Because, what is life without a touch of craziness?
But classic will always be in trend. Black, brown, leather, suede, silver and gold. What else do you need? Biker, ankle, knee-high, over-the-knee boots, a couple of flats and pretty bags to carry all day long.
I can't really pick a favorite but, I certainly love the oxford-looking loafers(header). 
If you guys like Migato's collection, you can visit their website for more information. 
As always, please let me know what you think and...enjoy^*

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Last season was all about the skort. Basically a pair of shorts that looks like a skirt. Comfy and stylish. This fall, straight from the runway, has emerged a new trend. The wrap skirt. It looks very much like the skort, to be honest, but it is a skirt. But, this one you can also wear at work and choose from mini, to midi, to maxi. There are many textures and prints to choose from, so you can achieve a more edgy, sophisticated, boho or romantic look.
I would be terrible if I just showed you the Isabel Marant ones(header). But, since I'm always proposing alternative inexpensive options, I couldn't bail on you this time. Plus, did anyone else notice that the khaki skirt from Mango looks surprisingly like the leather Isabel?
There are really limitless options to style these. With or without tights, with heels, sneakers, ankle or biker boots. With cropped tops, button-downs, chunky sweaters, leather jackets, cocoon coats and so many more! It's a piece you can wear from day to night, in several occasions and styled in different ways. Definitely the multitasker of the season(woohoo!) ^*
If you can't afford Burberry, I'm here for you. We will always have H&M, Zara, Mango and Topshop with options just as cute.
I don't know about you guys, but I for sure am excited to try this new trend. What about you?

Burberry Prorsum

Day Birger et Mikkelsen

 Helmut Lang

 Isabel Marant
Isabel Marant 

Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer