Saturday, June 28, 2014


Hey guys! How are you? I'm struggling here and I will continue to, until the middle of July. This is probably going to be the most tiring summer ever, but I keep trying to convince myself that it won't. 
Enough with the nagging. This is a post that I'm sure you didn't expect here. I was thinking for a long time to start a category about fitness since I'm really interested in that, so I made this post to see how you guys react to it.
I'm really into working out and being healthy. I've been an athlete my entire life and I stopped this year because I couldn't fit volleyball practice in my schedule:( But muscles are still there, and whenever I find the time I love to go running or just do some exercises to get that blood flowing.
But as a person, and a girl with high caloric/energy needs, I indulge. Desserts are my weakness, sugar in particular, but it's not good for you, especially if it's highly processed. I don't just mean your weight. Of course we all want to have a nice body externally, but my primary concern is to keep my body healthy. Do you know how bad sugar is for your body? And fats and protein that come from packaged food?
People have been going nuts about these new innovations where two (sometimes completely)different foods are combined into one. Food Hybrids they are called and they are the new it-thing since last year. And since I'm always talking to you about the trends, this is the best way to start a new category. Let's get this clear, I don't mean like an orange an a lime, which also exists, but, let's say, a croissant and a donut(cronut). I'm being obvious here^* I did my research and I found some pretty disgusting ones, and some that look delicious. But guys, really, don't eat these. I mean not in a daily basis. Giving in to your cravings once in a while can't do much harm. But having your rich in fat craving every day for breakfast, not so smart. 
So, here are some that I think might taste good. Foods that I like separately and look interesting together. Thank god I'm currently eating super healthy!
1. Cronut. (croissant+donut) What started this madness in the first place. approx. 510-590 calories/cronut
2. Red velvet pancakes. Maybe the color is worth it-not. approx. 200 calories/pancake
3. Cupcake cones. (cone+cupcake dough+frosting). Ice cream instead of frosting would be interesting. approx. 220 calories/cone
Donut macarons. Perfect for those wanting to celebrate National Donut Day but need to eat gluten free!
4. Donut Macarons. Basically macarons that look like donuts. approx. 100≤ calories/macaron
S'Mores   Oreos = S'MOreos! OH YES! For camping this summer!
5. S'moreo. (oreo+marshmallow[+chocolate/caramel]+oreo)  S'mores but with oreos instead of biscuits. approx. 125 calories/s'moreo
6. Brookie. (brownie+cookie) Isn't brownie partly cookie already? approx. 160 calories/brookie
7. Duffins. (donuts+muffins) Donuts here, donuts there, donuts everywhere! approx. 406 calories/duffin
8. Brouffle. (brownie+truffle) Hey brownie, it's you again! approx. 130-243 calories/brouffle
French Toast Bagel
9. French toast bagel. Because regular thin sliced bread fried wasn't unhealthy enough :P approx. 340 calories
10. Wonut. (waffle+donut) Donut fever. -couldn't count the calories but it's a lot.
There are so many more that I could add here and of course let's not forget the non-sweet ones. I saw some pasta burger out there. I think that it's fun to try these things, especially because of their names, but the [- + - = +] doesn't apply here. Two foods that are initially bad for you, together are still bad:( Unfortunately. If only we could keep the taste and toss the fat and the calories.
Indulging is in our nature and part of a balanced nutrition is having a bit of everything. These just happen to be the part of "everything" that you only need to have a tiny bite from.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's been ages since I last made a ?More or Less? post. It's just that it requires a lot of work and search and lately I it's been hard to cope with time and obligations. You know how we say that you get "punished" during the week for the sins of the weekend? Well, I don't know what I've done, but I'm being "punished" with tons of work for a long time now. And it's not the kind of work that you do because you chose it and you love it. It's something mandatory to take things to the next level. Plus, when you do your job, you get paid. But, for example, in the french diploma exams, you pay them. Yeah! But I try not to stay miserable, and the opportunities that keep coming up because of my blog, really motivate me to keep going. I love french, anyway. It's other things that I can't stand.
Anyways, as you've probably realised if you follow me on Polyvore(you totally should if you don't), I've been into casual chic lately. This of course doesn't mean that the cost of the outfits is getting any lower. But there is no point in showing you affordable options of Haute Couture, since most of you probably don't have the proper occasion to pull off such outfits. Instead, everyone can relate to casual everyday looks. Gingham has been a pretty big thing lately, especially in pastels. I chose these black and white shorts to get away from the romantic, and pajama, aspect of the trend. I paired them with white t-shirts with mesh detailing to make things a little more interesting. The Chloé gladiator sandals are so good and chic for such a chunky shoe. A friend of mine told me that she hates gladiator sandals and that she prefers flip-flops. I don't agree, do you? To brighten up the looks I added the neutral backpack that you have also seen here. Final details, the bracelets! I love stacking bracelets so so SO much! It's fun and elegant and compliments perfectly any outfit any time of the day. The difference between the prices is ridiculously big. I even added J.Crew to the affordable outfit, what else can I do?
I love both outfits and I would totally wear them, more or less! What about you?

Monday, June 23, 2014


What to pack
Happy Monday guys! How are you? I finished my exams today so you can guess I am pretty excited. I am already dreaming of travelling and relaxing all day in beautiful beaches. I'll be here thought for another month or so, but this doesn't mean that I'm not thinking ahead. I always do. Plus, I know that many of you are getting ready to leave so I thought I should share my wisdom that I've gathered by going to beautiful islands in summer my whole life. So, if you have planned a vacation to an island or anywhere near the beach, this guide is for you.
1. Passport. First things first. Don't forget your ID or any important papers and use a cardholder to store your go-to stuff. If you're travelling abroad, PASSPORT! It may sound stupid but you'll feel much more stupid at the airport when you realise that you remembered to bring three mosquito repellers but not your passport. Same thing goes for the tickets.
2. Necessaire. French for necessities. Use a multitasking case like this gorgeous orange one, to store your makeup, creams, jewelry and first aids. I would suggest to go for more creams instead of makeup. The sun and the sea/pool are not the best for your skin so it can use all the extra pampering. But you don't need an entire eye shadow palette or five different lippies. Chose the basics. Foundation, concealer, mascara, lipgloss, blush.
3. Care products. Day/night creams, after-sun, moisturizing products, bug repellent, products to treat bug bites etc.
4. Sunscreen. Even if your foundation has an SPF, you still need sunscreen. 20-30 is what I usually use, but if you're as white as I am and get easily burned go for more. I would suggest a tanning oil after the first days at the beach when your skin is already a little tan.
5. A towel. For the beach and not only. Maybe you can't find an extra, maybe you just want your own towel. Bring one.
6. Swimsuit. Whether it's your hot bikini or your stylish overall, chose a favorite and bring a second to change when you get out of the water. It's really bad to leave it wet on your body.
7. A scarf. It's probably the most multitasking and light weight thing that you can bring with you. From simply having it on your neck or tying it fashionably around your head to wearing it as a pashmina to protect your arms from the chills. It may be insanely hot in the morning but it gets colder at night, especially in greek islands. You can also tie it around your waist, short or maxi and go to the beach, or wear it as a fun dress. So, choose the pattern you like the most, because you're going to use it!
8. Sunnies and hat. What else to say here?
9. Headphones. While travelling, at the beach, or when you can't sleep at night. There is always a good time to hear your summer's soundtrack. 
10. Book/ magazine. Perfect for long waitings, or many hours of travelling and of course, the best companion at the beach.
11. Sandals. Choose a comfortable, go-with-everything pair. Shoes take up a lot of space, but if you find something that you can wear everywhere all the time then your problem is solved. 
12. Jeans. You may think that you won't wear them but it's good to have them with you, just in case. Those chilly nights I told you about, or for the airconditioning in the plane or the boat...
13. Oversized t-shirt. Comfort is what you're looking for when travelling and this particular piece can be worn any time from the beach to the bed and be dressed up or down.
14. Jewelry. Let me tell you I how many I take with me every year and in the end I end up wearing the same again and again. It's simply what works for you that summer. This eye necklace and the multi-bracelet are simply to-die-for and they would compliment perfectly any look. Nobody likes to over accessorize in summer.
15. Travel bag. I mean the bag that you'll have with you, with all your necessities in it. I'm in love with this one from Tory Burch but you should choose whatever works for you best. It's better to have your hands free and being able to carry it on your shoulder. I think the perfect bag would be the new ones that Cara Delevingne designed for Mulberry. It's a backpack, a shoulder bag and a handbag, all in one(love!). I usually take my large Louis Vuitton tote. It fits everything and I can carry it on my shoulder.
Tip: Remember not to throw all your stuff in your bag. Use smaller pouches to store the things you need. One for your phone, chargers etc. , one for your creams and liquids(under 100 ml), and then put your book or your ipad inside. It really helps to store all the papers you're going to need in the order you're going to need them and in the same place.
I think this wraps it for this huge post! I hope I didn't bore you, but travelling needs a lot of planning and focus. I thought I should share with you my tips to make it a little easier for you. I hope I helped. Enjoy your travelling!

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Sometimes I feel like saying Lord I just don't care...
Happy Saturday guys! Today I'm going to talk to you about Tod's. You probably know the brand for it's classic esthetic and chic minimalism and you've probably seen men wearing the gommino loafers. But since stealing their style is currently an it-thing, I thought I should make a post about them. I've seen many girls wearing them and I had many pairs when I was a kid. I remember my baby blue and baby pink ones. I loved them. The truth is that it's not the kind of shoe I usually go for. Maybe because I don't find it very feminine or maybe because I'm not used to it. You can easily style this chic but it's not the most flattering shoe you can find. 
I created three sets on Polyvore, two more fun and beach-ready outfits and one more polished and minimal. Apart from these, you can also wear these loafers with jeans, trousers and skirts. But I'm in the summer mood so I chose shorts and a shift dress.
I chose the three colors I liked the most, pastel blue-green, pastel yellow and nude.
The first one(top), is more flirty and romantic and has lots of blue tones. This is kind of my thing lately. I'm all about blue and white. I'm not going to point out the obvious here. Never leave your house without sunscreen and sunglasses and if you want to go a little bolder, a hat.
From time to time...
The second one is more crazy and young. I don't think I would wear the socks but I loved the fun design. I like the way they brighten up the whole look. Socks are a thing now. People are wearing them with their high heel sandals, while you could see all the girls wearing their sandals bare-foot during winter in Fashion Week.
The third one is something you can wear at work or at a meeting and it's great to travel and then go to a meeting or maybe just for a walk or lunch with friends. You can see I'm obsessed with layering charms.
You know it's real^*
Even though these loafers wouldn't be my first choice, I would totally wear them in these looks. Interesting and chic! What else?
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer