Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Hello my darlings! How are you all? My mood decides to play mix n' match but I'm just focused on enjoying the warm weather and relaxing before my finals. I really can't believe that summer is right around the corner. I'm just not ready yet!
This is why I thought that this new Spring/Summer collection was a perfect fit for my mood. No girly, colorful prints, no lace, no bohemian vibes. Instead, the designer Athina Korda, opts for clean lines, and experiments with an interesting colorblock combo for summer. I really like how effortlessly cool her designs look and yet also put together. It's like the perfect garment to just throw on and leave the house when you want to look polished but you just can't be bothered. 
I've seen her previous collections on the runway and I always liked her minimalistic approach. This collection is supposed to mimic the swell of the sea, the movement of the waves as they come and go. If you are greek, like me and her, you know ;) 
As for my favorites...well I will have to go for the black and blue v-neck open back dress and the one that resembles a wrap dress. They both seem like something I would totally wear-and not just during the summer!
What about you guys? What are your favorite pieces from the collection? Let me know in the comments below♥

photo credits: Bill Georgoussis

Thursday, May 12, 2016


How are you my loves? Tired of everything and everyone like me? In need for some major fashion inspo to get through the week? I got you covered! Life sucks but that doesn't mean our outfits have to suck too XD 
I'm sure you've all noticed that loafers are becoming a thing, well actually they are already a pretty big deal in fashion. Flats in general I would say. So many stylish girls are opting for sneakers instead of heels nowadays. I absolutely love this trend a)because I live in sneakers and biker boots and b)because I love the idea of being stylish and comfortable throughout the day. But, I'm not a big fan of loafers. I used to wear ballerina flats when I was younger, but now I feel that they don't compliment my style or my body shape. 
Loafers are the kind of shoes that I would categorize as man-repellers and, even though they're trendy, I just can't seem to get on board. But, I would be a terrible fashion advisor if I only posted about the stuff I wear.Thus, I decided to curate a couple of loafers that I would kinda sorta might-a wear. Usually the fashion crowd-the Olsens ahem-are pairing them with pants, but I've been seeing them with dresses lately and I do like a good mix n' match.
Here are my loafers of choice and, of course, some style inspo!
Would you guys wear them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below♥
Loafers♥ by ell0oukaa on polyvore.com

source: pinterest.com

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Hello my darlings! How are you today? I'm super pumped because my birthday is only a couple of days away and I just can't wait to celebrate! Also, May equals warmer weather and fun spring getaways. I love travelling so much and the little control-freak inside of me loves planning and packing and making lists. 
So, I teamed up with HomeAway to share with you my top 5 essentials. The ones that I can't live without at home and, especially, when I travel!

I think that sunglasses are such a huge necessity all year round but you need them even more if you're going to be exposed to the sun a lot. It doesn't matter if you have light and sensitive eyes like I do or not, pick a stylish pair that flatters your face shape (I'm a sucker for anything cat-eye) and avoid wrinkling!

 I know that a lot of people prefer playing card games or listening to music, but I think that nothing can compare to a good book. I find peace when I'm reading at the beach and I'm taking a little break from technology. What I'm reading atm: The shell seekers

I absolutely love my SPF, I'm pale as paper though so i don't really have a choice XD) but I still need to remind myself to reapply every now and then. Cause wrinkles and melanoma are not chic my dears haha.

When it's hot and sunny I can't even find enough energy to eat. All I want to do is lay under the umbrella with a cold colorful drink in hand. Whether it's alcohol or delicious invigorating juice, that's up to you ^*

Hats are my go-to fashion staple whenever I travel. They look awesome, they protect you and they can be a great way to hide a bad hair day at a humid place. I really want to try a big one like Rachel's once.

Looking for the best place to go? As for my destination of choice? Greek islands of course! Don't just stick to Santorini, there are so many equally breathtaking places to visit ;) Trust me!
What about you guys? Will you go anywhere? What are your top 5 essentials to pack? Let me know in the comments below♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer