Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Who would have thought that spring would be here so fast? I know it's still chilly outside, at least where I live, but warm sunny days are about to come. I'm sure your closet is just like mine. Dark colors, boring chunky knits and winter boots. Don't get anxious. I'm here today to make your wardrobe transition to spring a lot easier. 
It is kinda odd to go from your black turtleneck to a neon yellow sundress, right? The key here is to find the right spring pieces and start incorporating them to your winter looks. Make baby steps and don't just go for florals, crop tops and color all at once.
Now, what are those life-saving pieces you may want to consider adding back to your closet? Well, everything! You see, it's not what you wear, but how you  wear it. The safest option is probably light washed denim and lightweight black and white. But, you can definitely wear a white lace tank if you do the proper layering. 
Another tip is to opt for contrast pieces. This really isn't what it sounds like. I mean dark spring clothes or light winter clothes. So, you will pick a pastel leather jacket or coat, but a black crop top or sundress. Pretty simple huh?
You can also go for that bright pop of color. How cool will look a total black outfit with a neon blue purse? This pop of color can be anything from floral sunglasses to a bright mini skirt with black opaque tights.
Just get your imagination working in way that you'll end up with cute transitional outfits instead of a cold! XD
I hope you guys like the things I picked. What are your key transitioning pieces? Let me know in the comments below♥

Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello guys! How are you all? I hope your weekend went well. Mine was great because I had the chance to relax for a while and unwind, which we all know is hard to find. 
On Saturday morning I went at the beach with my bestie. Of course we didn't swim, with 15⁰C and less outside, but we had so much fun just hanging by the sea and feeling the sun on our skins. I know most people wouldn't call this an "adventure" but for us it was, especially when you're used to being inside everyday studying or walking in the city. 
Anyways, I decided to film some moments and I think they make a cute video. After all this blog is also about travelling!
I hope that you guys like what I did. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below♥

Thursday, March 12, 2015


Hello everyone! How is your day going? I hope that you are all well:)
Now, in case you were searching for a break from reality, a little time travel to your childhood, just to get in touch with your younger self, then you have come to the right place. No, I didn't build a time machine, but I have Mac's latest collection, inspired by Cinderella!
They have had plenty of other marvellous Disney collections in the past and this one is no exception. Cinderella was the first Disney princes I ever had and I kept watching her movie over and over again in our old VHS player. So, you can guess how excited I was when I saw the collection. There are 17 products, from lippies and eyeshadows to brushes. Most of them are quite light and neutral-pink-gold but there also some darker shades. The items that I definitely would buy are the eyeshadow palette and the lipsticks.
But, I think most of these are pretty awesome and perfect to recreate Cinderella's romantic, innocent look, maybe with a twist. If you're a fan of the dark side, there are some products inspired by her evil step family too.
What about you guys? Did you get any of the products? Which Disney Princess is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below♥
168 Large Angled Contour Brush ($35)

 217 Blending Brush ($24)
 Beauty Powder in Mystery Princess ($28)
 Fluidline in Little Black Bow ($18)
 Fluidline in Macroviolet ($18)
 Glitter in Reflects Pearl ($23)
 Iridescent Pressed Powder in Coupe d'Chic ($28)
Lipglass in Glass Slipper ($17)
 Lipglass in Happily Ever After ($17)
 Lipstick in Free as a Butterfly ($18)
 Lipstick in Royal Ball ($18)
 Pigment in Evil Stepmother ($24)
 Pigment in Pretty It Up ($24)
 Stroke of Midnight Eye Shadow Palette ($44)
 Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped ($23)
 Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish ($23)
Studio Fix Lash Mascara in Boldblack ($19)

Sunday, March 8, 2015


My dear female readers, this post is dedicated to you, to us to be more precise! First of all, happy women's day! I hope that you are spending this day with people who love and appreciate you, with people that make you feel the way you deserve to.
Most people often associate women with clothes and makeup and "feminine stuff", but I believe this is not entirely true. Sure, we all love these, but this is not what defines us, what makes us women. I think it's the way we see things differently, our compassion, our creative touch, our sensibility and so much more. 
I remember watching a video where younger girls and grown women were asked what it is like to do things "like a girl". The message was that in most cases grown women were underestimating themselves and demonstrating the ironic perception of the modern society. Women are weak, women can't play sports, women are not smart enough.
Personally, I find that this couldn't be more wrong. I know women who are stronger than most men, just like I know men who are not good at sports and men who are not "smart enough". It's simply human nature! We can't all be the same and have all the same talents and abilities. Men usually have more muscle strength, but let me remind you that we go through monthly periods, childbirth(sometimes more than once), we take care of the house and the whole family and we go to work too. And we manage to do all these in high heels. Name one man who can do that. 
My point here is not that women are superior but just that we are all human and we all deserve to be treated as equals and have the same rights and liberties.Racism, exploitation, harassment and discrimination against women are part of our everyday lives and, unfortunately, so is rape and abuse. I don't believe in violence or war, but I believe in fighting for what you deserve and standing for what you believe.
The moment both sexes realise the importance of equal rights and mutual respect, that's when all the long-standing efforts of women will have paid off.
Today, for me, is about realising how much you truly matter and why you all deserve the best. I hope that you can all find the strenght you need and live your lives to the fullest. Don't let anyone stop you, tell you you're not worth it, not good enough. Don't let anyone, and especially yourself keep you from succeeding and being happy. You deserve it!
Now, in case nobody thought of offering you flowers today-nobody did for me-here is a pretty bouquet. To you, with love♥

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Hey guys! What is up? How is your week going so far? A lot of hard work? I feel you. Did I say have a nice month already? If I didn't I'm sorry! I wish you all a lovely March! 
I don't know about you, but I feel like spring is kinda here and I feel it affecting me. My birthday is in spring so, yeah, I love it.
Anyways, do you remember which used to be the biggest hair trend last year? No. it's not ombre nor balayage. If your answer was pastels, then congratulations! Pastels were huge last spring and summer. Everyone, from Katy Perry who is the queen of colors, to Nicole Richie, to the girl who lives next to you, had pastel hair.
Sadly(or nah XD), this year, this trend was faded quite a lot. No more vibrant, hot colors. The it trend this season is, surprisingly enough, grey! That's right. The color most women dread, suddenly became their new obsession. Now, if you ask me, I love this trend. It's chic yet kinda edgy and you don't have to worry about wearing other colors that don't match your hair. My only doubt is that grey may not flatter every skin tone.
I love clean silver, but I think that mixing light pastels into grey, is much more interesting, cool and young. That is the real deal. Grey hair with hues of light pink, blue or purple[or a combo^*] or even light blonde. Maybe you instantly think of grunge looks and chokers when you hear that but, as you can see in the photos here, any style looks great with it. Others are more subtle and others more vibrant, but grey is one of the hottest trends.
You obviously have to bleach your hair before doing any of that, but if you are really into it, I say do it. It's kinda rebellious, but is much safer than a bright pastel from your roots to your tips.
So, what do you guys think about this new color-trend? Would you ever do it? Let me know in the comments below♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer