April 19, 2016

Good morning darlings! How are you all? I have to be honest, I was kinda sceptical about today's post because it doesn't really feel like spring here. It's so hot and sunny! But, I decided to continue my beloved mini-series with the alternative spring prints (ya know, if you're not into florals) since we still technically have one more "spring" month. If you missed my previous 2 posts in the series you can check out here the Rainbow Stripes and the Polka Dots.
Today is all about geometry. Not my favorite subject in high school, but I do really like it when it comes to clothes. I think it's such anδ interesting way to incorporate science, art and architecture into fashion. Plus, there is something for everyone. Even if you are not a big fan of color, you could totally find a cool b&w geometric pattern for spring. If you are, well, then there is no limit.
I also really like the 3D textures and, of course, the endless mix n' match. Nothing screams spring better than a colorful pairing of different prints. I love that you could wear geometric prints from work to parties and keep looking extra stylish. Bohemian, feminine, put together office chic. You can do it all!
What do you guys think? Will you wear geometric prints this spring? Let me know in the comments below♥


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