Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Hey guys! I hope you're having a great week. If not, then you should just look at the girls in this post. I'm sure they'll make you feel much better. After all, this is the reason this blog exists. To make you, and me, feel good and share our passion about all the beautiful things in this world!
Hair is very sensitive matter to me. God knows how crazy my hair is(and maybe my mum) but I wouldn't last a day without it. I just love it so much. Not just my hair, any woman's and man's hair, provided that they take good care of it. Just like everything else, it is a way to express ourselves and show a part of our personality to the world. I just feel that our hair is a something very strong and can determine things, if treated correctly. I know that not everyone is blessed with "perfect hair", but there's no such thing as perfect. Sure, some is easier to handle, but clean and healthy hair are just a delight no matter the type. Talking about perfection, I thought it would be nice to make a post about my favorite celebrity hair of 2014. Both favorite, celebrities and hair^* You can find some of them also in my article about the Best Hair Colors for Spring 2014.
Let's start with the gorgeous lady above, Emma Stone. I swear, this girl can do no wrong. Red, blonde and now a little bit of both! Combined with her amazing eyes and skin tone, and face and personality and talent, well...just...no words! 
Moving on to Queen B. I must admit I don't always love the things she does with her hair, but when I saw her in Drunk in love(161.718.727 views btw!) I was hooked! She changed it, again, but I liked her waves!
I swear, I don't think I've ever seen Blake Lively looking anything but just amazing. Or maybe it's just me because she is one of my "girl crushes"(girls I admire and love and want to be like-dreaming!) You'll find many of them here. Blake sticks to her beautiful long blond hair, and we just thank her for doing so!
Again, I find it so hard to describe my loved ones. Cara Delevingne is simply out of this world. Ever since I saw her, I knew she had something special. Dark blond long hair and dark eyebrows and this cute beautiful face of hers!
The lovely Emma Watson has been in my fave-list for many many years now. Yes, I am a Harry Potter addict, and a proud one too! And an Emma addict as well. Actress, model and simply and icon. After having crazy hair at the first HP films, she prefers much shorter versions, or just sweet updos. An updo expert for sure!
I also love Hunger Games in case you didn't know. Jennifer Lawrence with her new way-too-miley-cyrus look, certainly won me. I think that not many woman can pull off a such short hair. But this talented girl with the beautiful eyes, can. I prefer her blonde!
Miranda Kerr is my bestie's favorite girl. Only I know how many times we went to Mango last year without buying anything, just for her to get the catalogs with Miranda! But I like her very much too. She sure sets a great example for all of us the brunettes, with her sleek long, oh so good, hair. She is a cutie and a VS model, duh! XD
I saved the craziest for the end. The fierce Katy Perry! She has had the entire rainbow and a little more on her hair, and she managed to rock each color, like only she can. I love her in colors and I love her in her not-so-simple black hair. I don't like labels very much, but me and my mum(yes i converted her!) would be proud Katycats if we had to choose. I'm so sad she isn't coming in Greece for her tour, but one day Katy, I'll come watch you perform!
I know this was half, favorite hair of 2014, and half, me blabbering about my fave girls, but you have to understand! Some of these ladies here are my idols! I hope you enjoyed!
Do you guys like these girls and their hair? Tell me about your idols! Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!


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  2. lovely photos <3



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