Sunday, May 25, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone! Let's go back a few sundays, the day I visited the National Garden. I was born and raised in Athens and so did my parents and grandparents. I love Greece so much, for the natural beauty, the history, the sea and the sky. Sometimes it gets a little or a lot overwhelming in the big city. It feels like you need a getaway from the cars and the stress. So, you can imagine what a delight it is to be able to do that, without having to leave the city. The National Garden, used to be the Royal Garden, right next to the old palace that is now the parliament. So if you thought that this beautiful place is like in the suburbs or anything, you may want to rethink. It is right in the city center, I mean you can go there with any public transportation. It's peaceful, full of trees and flowers, and I'm sure that if I had more time, I would have seen more. One of the best parts is that everyone seems to be respecting the peacefulness of the place, because even though there were many people there, everyone was quiet and devoted to something. Jogging, reading, drinking a beverage, having a picnic or just enjoying some alone time in this beautiful place. You can also find a cafe inside it, and lakes and many more. I just love how the sun rays pass through the leaves creating a beautiful abstract pattern and how you can look up and see the tall palm trees and clear blue sky. Kinda reminds me of some scenes from old movies in the countryside of England(not the palm trees!), but with slightly more light! It's absurd to think that this huge place once belonged to only one person. But now it's free for everyone and I highly recommend you visit it. I promise you won't regret it! 
Do you guys like this "little" paradise? Have you ever visited Athens? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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