Monday, May 26, 2014


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Hey everyone! I know you hate Mondays, because, who doesn't? You have to wake up early, go to work/school, put up with your life. And I know this sounds like everyday, but when you do this right after spending two days relaxing, partying, being with friends or whatever you like to do in the weekends, it's not easier. It's harder. Plus, diets always start on Monday. I thought it would be nice to make a post to make Monday a little less well, Monday.
So, I created this sort of wish list, with a bunch of items that I've found this past week and that I would want to make mine. Let's start.
1. Denim white moto jacket-Topshop: So perfect for summer nights and spring. Go-with-everything and day-to-night piece that I would totally wear also early fall.
2. Stripped shirt-ZARA: Kinda androgynous piece, I would love it oversized with a pair of jeans or shorts but again it's GWE and DTN. Classic chic-yet young.
3. Priscilla Shocking Pink lip gloss-NARS: Vibrant fuchsia. Girly, trendy and fresh.
4. Beach dress-H&M: Is black and white a trend? Nah :P I would wear it not only at the beach. I like that it's stripped, but not so much.
5. Alluring Aquatic Collection nail polishes-MAC: I live for metallic nail polishes. I saw the entire makeup collection at the store and I loved it. But when I have to make a choice, I always go for nail polish. Especially if it's so damn amazing. All year long kind of thing.
6. Broderie cropped top-Stradivarius: I saw it on the model when I visited their site and I was like "I gotta have this!" -guilty!
7. Keith Haring top-Forever 21: From their new artists inspired collection. Not available in Europe :(
What do you guys think of my Monday's Favorites? Tell me some of yours. Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

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