Saturday, March 8, 2014


Happy International Women's Day! I hope you are all happy this special day. It's really important to learn to value ourselves and also to be appreciated by others. People often consider women to be weak and sometimes less important and smart, capable etc. than men. But, in order to make others see who we really are we should, first of all, believe in ourselves and never let others dictate our lives. Every woman is beautiful and she shouldn't feel she is not good enough because she doesn't follow the prototype of the society. Don't give in and just surrender to the materialisation. Being just like everyone else, just another copy of a specific model, is not personality. Embrace your inner goddess and let your true self shine!
This is what I'm trying to do, and also what I want to make my designs look like. Strong and fierce women, independent and beautiful! There is only one man in here and he's actually the only one I've ever sketched! I want to make more in the future but for now he's all alone between the ladies. It might be the day that females rule, but be kind to the poor guys girls!
What do you think of my designs? Leave a comment to let me know what you think and check out my other designs here


  1. I just love your illustrations. Your words regarding women are affective.


  2. Oh my god! So talented. Love the fashion illustrations. So good!!!



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