Saturday, March 1, 2014


Accessories can definitely define and upgrade your everyday look with no effort at all. When it comes to jewellry, just one statement piece or all together, they MUST be there. Today, I decided to show you my newest ones. All from Strass Bijoux, perfect for both summer and winter, and all gold! I used to prefer silver over gold but I've changed my mind. Of course I still adore my silver spikes and my lovely cuffs and pendants, but my current obsession is gold. I am completely in love with this heart pendant! I wear it everyday-it's cute, it's simple and it goes with everything♥ The bracelets are the perfect transformation of the classic pearls in a younger version and look really good compared with the gold infinity bracelet with strass. In the last photo you can see the other products I'm obsessed with. Baby lips lip balm by Maybelline and face cream by Yves Rocher. The truth is that baby lips just came out in Greece and I haven't tried it yet because the package is so adorable to rip it off. I've been using this cream for many years and it is exactly what I need. Since I'm still really young, I want a light product for moisturizing-just a gentle touch on my sensitive skin. The chamomile scent is just so relaxing yet fresh, making this cream perfect to start my day!
What do you think of them? What are your latest obsessions?


  1. Love your new bling!
    Mafalda ❤

  2. LOVE the first necklace!

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  3. Very interesting post my sweetie :P
    Have a nice Monday !
    Kisses <3


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