Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Good Morning my loves! Is this week treating you well so far, or you'd rather be cozy in your bed as we speak? Nevermind, that's a dumb question XD But, what if I told you that you could actually wear your pj's while you're on the go?
Yeah you read correctly. Isn't that the dream? This up and coming brand, For Restless Sleepers aka F.R.S. is the solution to your problems. They make pajama-like clothing. Technically, they were designed to be worn at home, like instead of wearing yoga pants on your free-day, you would wear this. But, they have quickly become a street style staple since more and more girls are wearing them outside. 
They are very elegant and, of course, very comfy since they are made of silk. Now, as you understand, they are quite on the pricey side but, like I always say, we can use them for inspiration. And since they are not the only brand setting the trend, I'm sure you can find great pieces for far lower prices. 
Staying on the designer side though, there are some pics of people rocking those pj's in public at the end of the post. I absolutely love the patterns, the mix-match and the flare oh-so-70's vibe! These are spot-on for Spring^*
Would you guys dare to follow this trend? What would you pair those luxe pj's with? Let me know in the comments below! Enjoy♥

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