Wednesday, April 9, 2014


It's here, it's here! Finally, a week after the end of the shows, the post for Athens Exclusive Designers Week FW14. I don't really have words to describe how great it was getting to go there, see all these amazing things and meet so many interesting people. I know I keep saying this but, for new bloggers like me, it's really a unique opportunity to be with people who have the same passion for the things you love. Plus, you never know what happens in the future and who you'll be working with. It's important to have the right connections. Another great thing is that I can create outfits dressing my clothes up, since I don't really have many occasions where I can go dressed like that. This post is really big, so I'm just going to start from the outfits. I created three different looks. The first one is more classy and elegant, but I added the red biker jacket to have a slight edge, and also the PVC bracelet with the stones(which I made myself!). The second look was sporty chic. I obviously wore these super comfy sweatpants with a striped jacket and a black shirt. I also made the PVC clutch myself! The third outfit is actually closer to the way I usually dress when I go out with friends. Edgy-grungy with a more dressy black coat. I really can't decide which one I like the most. All the outfit photos were taken after I came back from the shows, that's why you see the familiar wall. 
The following photos show some jewelry and artwork displayed there. Don't you just adore the hand fan from Marks & Spencer in the last photo? I know I do. But even more I adore the Makis Tselios collection(video) which was once again my favorite(and mum's). You can't see all the pieces in the video but you can find them online. I just thought that it would be double information to post here the photos from every show, since you can find them elsewhere. After all, I wanted to show you the spice, that extra something, the little details, make you feel a little bit like you were there!
Do you like all the stuff here? Which one of my outfits is your favorite? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Monday, April 7, 2014


Lately I've noticed that these bikinis from Triangl are EVERYWHERE. Bloggers are posting them at their instagram accounts and people keep sharing photos with the swimsuits all over the social media. At first I thought it was just regular bikinis, but they kept becoming more popular everyday. Even though I didn't know about the brand, I was recognising the products, so I thought that it wouldn't hurt to take a look. First thing I saw when I visited the website, was one of these photos that make you daydream. I love the sea more than anything so, I was hooked. But I didn't just fall for the beautiful background. The fluo bikinis and the metallic black ones stole my heart and went straight to my shopping list for summer. Not exactly the cheapest swimsuits you can find, but they look so lovely! It's like those times when you need to have something. Another reason to work those abs, I suppose! So, on the checklist for this summer now are, first of all, a fit body and then a Triangl bikini to celebrate. They also make really cute underwear which can actually be more practical since I'm thinking that the swimsuits look way too cute to put them in the water! I took all the photos from their website This post is not an advertisement, I just liked the products and I thought it would be nice to show them to you too, in case you haven't heard about them. 
What do you think about these? Would you wear them? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


More people, more color, many different versions! I just can't get enough. Fashion Week might be over but I still have all the great material that I've gathered those days. This the second and final Street Style article. There is nothing I can say apart from thank you to all the people who agreed to pose for my blog. I just love that they have such different styles and personalities. I've talked to some of them and they were so sweet and interesting. And polite, considering I was just walking around in heels with a camera in my hands like a tourist. I'm not going to comment on their outfits because I didn't make this post to judge anyone. I'm just trying to show to you guys who weren't there, how the whole event was. I really have way too many photos and I still don't know which ones to post first. Just like the previous ones, you can also find these photos here at the street style section.
Special thanks to my awesome friend Dimitra, who couldn't come with me, but she let me borrow her camera. Let's hope that she will make it in October!
Check out all the street style from Athens Exclusive Designers Week FW14 here and leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


The ones of you who read my article about sneakers, that you can also find on Lucky magazine online here, probably understood how fond I am of this current trend. It might sound easy, "wear your sneakers everyday", but I know it might be hard sometimes to style them properly. Also, heels can be life saving especially when you don't have a model's body. This is why you need to know which clothes fit you better and flatter your body more, and wear your flats with that. Flats may have become a statement lately but, last year, I bet that all of you would laugh at the idea of wearing a leather pencil skirt with sneakers(if you're not an off-duty reporter). It is true that a pair of black pumps can totally transform any outfit and add elegance, if styled properly of course. But sneakers are a completely different case. Just because they are not usually linked with class and high fashion, you should transform your outfits in order to wear your sneakers and still be able to stay chic. If you've visited my blog before, you are familiar with one of my favorite categories, More or less.
This time I wanted to create something different(kind of my moto lately). I decided to propose to you, as always, two similar outfits one with designers clothes and one with affordable products, but instead of adding a pair of heels to compare with the Louboutins (like someone could do that!) I added a pair of sneakers. This way you both, get to see the same look in a version that you can actually afford, and also see what I propose for a stylish outfit with sneakers. I know that I keep raising the price of the affordable look but that's just because I'm actually adding designer pieces(not that expensive). But nobody is forcing you to choose Nike and T by Alexander Wang. You can find a similar top in every inexpensive store and well, the sneakers choice is up to you. I'm just adding a twist!
Which one do you prefer? More or less? Pumps or sneakers?
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