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March 08, 2018

Happy Women's Day my loves! I am beyond excited to be writing this post, since this day is so important. 

I want to start with a little flashback. Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite thing was my barbie dolls. I had dozens, as I am sure you did too, and I devoted hours to play with them. Looking back to that time, I can understand how much that has affected me as a woman. Even though all my dolls were "different", they were all exactly the same. Some were blonde, some were brunette, some were white and some were black but, without any exceptions, they all were ridiculously similar. Their bodies, their eyes, their sleek hair, their facial structure...

As a little girl, whenever I tried to picture my life in the future, I would portray myself as one of my dolls. Tall, blonde, slim and overall perfect. It took me a while to realize how bad that was for me. Being a perfectionist in every aspect of my life, up to this day, I strive with the idea of being flawless. Even as I grow and mature, it is still difficult to convince myself that flaws are what makes us who we are. 

I could go on and on about body image and social oppression, but I believe you've all heard that before. Yes, not everyone can look like a model, nobody can look exactly like a Barbie doll without surgery and there should be more diversity in our society and, of course, in our toys.

Yes, this is a blog that focuses on appearance. But I've never said that we should all look the same. My goal is to share my passion and my style with others and inspire women to express themselves and find their style.

Η δημοσίευση κοινοποιήθηκε από το χρήστη Bill Greening (@billgreening) στις

Now that this is clear, let's focus on four words from that previous sentence. Passion, inspire, women, express. These are the words that come to mind when I look at Mattel's new collections "Inspiring Women" and "Shero" (she + hero). 

These collections include 17 new dolls, honoring real women that have changed the world. You can find dolls of the pioneer female pilot, Amelia Earhart, the legendary artist, Frida Kahlo and the mathematical genius, Katherine Johnson, who worked with NASA and helped Americans successfully go to the moon. 

You can also find contemporary athletes, chefs, scientists, artists, journalists etc in these collections. All the dolls have are not alike and they are designed to resemble the face and the figure of these inspiring women. They all have flexible limbs and wear their signature clothes. 

Out of all the special Barbie collections that Mattel has released over the years, this has to be by far my favorite. I am in awe of these women, of everything they have achieved and I feel so inspired looking at their work and reading about their lives. 

If you don't get the fascination and the importance of these collections, please let me explain. Trough the years, all our dolls were princesses, mermaids, fairies... Extraordinary creatures that make you daydream and seem befitting for little girls. But, these new ones seem to give us a very much needed reality check. 

No, women don't only have a fun, vibrant side. They don't stay at home or always chill with their friends. They are not defined by their "Ken" nor by their relationship status. Our sole purpose is not to find love. Sure, that's amazing to have. But we should stop teaching girls that this should be their primary goal in life and that they should look good in order to be liked by men. 

They should look good for themselves and they should do everything in their power to be better human beings every single day. Women are strong, women are warriors, women are intelligent. And they can do anything they set their mind to. Our dream shouldn't be to look pretty and get married. There is no doubt that creating a family is primal. But we shouldn't neglect everything else. We are not accessories and we certainly aren't decorations. 

So, I guess, this is my advice for you. I am not going to ramble about how it's what's inside that matters. I hope you already know that by now. My point is that you are powerful. You are unique inside and out and you should use that individuality, channel what nature has blessed you with and make the most of it. You may not be fit to be a scientist or a politician. But you find your passion, find what you do best and, girl, go ahead and do it. Believe in yourself and never let anyone tell you that there is something you can't do. Never let anyone - even yourself - convince you that you are unworthy simply because you are a woman. 

Just to be clear, being a woman doesn't make you better than men. It makes you different! We are all human and we should all have the same rights and be treated the same. But each human being is different in the best way. Women are different from men - and not inferior- and yet not two women are alike. 

So embrace what makes you different. Break the pattern. Don't care about other people's expectations or opinions and do your thing. If you don't like the way people treat you or the discriminations towards women, do something. It is all in your hands. You are in charge of yourself and you can be the change. I repeat, you are p o w e r f u l!

Love yourself. Embrace the power that lies within you and celebrate your female nature! ♥

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