Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello everyone! How are you this lovely sunday? I'm still trying to survive until the end of the exams but I am happy in general. Mainly because my youtube channel is slowly growing. I will post my next video when I reach 200 subscribers ;)
It's almost the middle of June and the weather is starting to feel like summer. Thus, I thought I should put together a little summer moodboard just cause. I mean, who doesn't adore summer and everything related to it? I am a little bit obsessed with moodboards and since I'm still trapped in the city I really need to get prepped for summer! Apart from the photos I also found some small travel guides and easy recipes^^
I don't need to blab anymore. I'll let you scroll down the moodboard. Enjoy♥
ps: for more inspo check out last year's (way smaller XD) moodboard 


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