Wednesday, December 17, 2014


What's up guys? How are you all?
I am soooo busy and tired these days, but I had to make this post for you. In case you missed it, you can check out the post I did for 2014's color of the year here. I did this in May and I absolutely loved it, and you guys liked it too. So, I thought I should do it again now that 2015 is so, so close. 
We're just a few breaths and blinks away from the new year, and Pantone has already announced the new it-shade for decor, fashion and beauty. It's called "Marsala" and it's basically the color of the well-known wine. I would describe it as a mix of burgundy, maroon, brown, beige and deep red...if that makes any sense. I read that it got some bad reviews, but I really don't understand why. Personally, I find it quite interesting. I was in love with the past colors but, as you can notice, they were all vibrant and vivid, almost neon. Marsala though is much deeper and mature in a way. It's much more versatile, since you can make tons of different combinations and it suits well both men and women. You can check out Pantone's page for potential combinations. 
They call this color, "The new neutral". I sorta agree since it's really easy to put together many different looks using the color and you can wear it in pretty much any occasion, dress it up or down and make the transition from day to night.
I think that the best, and probably the easiest and cheapest way to incorporate this new color trend in your everyday life, is with the right cosmetics. This is why I found for you some of the best beauty products in the market, some affordable and some more expensive ones, as always. I know I went a little overboard with the lippies, but who doesn't love a red-ish lip, especially this season? 
Also, exciting news, Sephora is launching a Marsala makeup collection in collaboration with Pantone Universe, just like they did in 2012 with Tangerine Tango. I can't wait! 
Until then, you can stare at all these gorgeous products-or buy them XD. Enjoy!


If you want more Marsala inspiration, then you can take a look at Pantone's photoshoot here. You'll find some really great photos.
What do you guys think about the color of 2015? How would you wear it? Did you prefer Radiant Orchid? Let me know in the comments below♡

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