by - November 09, 2014

Hello everyone! How are you? I hope that your weekend is going great so far. Today, I wanted to talk to you about a very special brand, Venus Over Water.
It's a fashion brand created by Lucia Eastman. Lucia is a sustainable designer, supporting the women, and fabric manufacturers in Africa, through fair trade. She manages to incorporate her ethnic side and her memories from Ghana to a contemporary 21st century look, all designed for the modern woman. 
It's designed for all of you, real women with a real schedule. If you want to manage everything from your work to your family and friends but still be stylish and experiment with interesting fabrics and colors while keeping it comfy and chic, then this brand is for you. It doesn't mean that because you are having an overloaded program you should let this affect your style. 
All the pieces are designed to keep you comfortable all day long, from early morning meetings to your night-out. Versatile and eye-catching with vintage cuts, these clothes are an all-in-one and completely perfect for all the women who like to experiment.
Personally, I really like these clothes and I would definitely wear them. Some of you might say that they don't fit my style that much, but you couldn't be more wrong. I love to try new things and I already have in mind many different ways to style some of these pieces. It's all about balancing the elements the best way possible.
If you want to learn more about Venus Over Water and discover the full collection, all you have to do is visit their website

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