April 05, 2014

More people, more color, many different versions! I just can't get enough. Fashion Week might be over but I still have all the great material that I've gathered during those days. This is the second and final Street Style article. There is nothing I can say apart from thank you to all the people who agreed to pose for my blog. 

I just love that they have such different styles and personalities. I've talked to some of them and they were so sweet and interesting. And polite, considering I was just walking around in heels with a camera in my hands like a tourist. I'm not going to comment on their outfits because I didn't make this post to judge anyone. I'm just trying to show to you guys who weren't there, how the whole event was. 

I really have way too many photos and I still don't know which ones to post first. Special thanks to my awesome friend Dimitra, who couldn't come with me, but she let me borrow her camera. Let's hope that she will make it in October!

Leave me a comment down below to let me know what you think!

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