February 13, 2014

valentine's day

That's right, tomorrow is Valentine's Day! If you have
 a date, then you are very lucky, but if you are single, just
 like me, then tomorrow is probably a weird day for you.
It can be sad and awkward to watch all the love birds 
kissing around you, but it's not the end of the world. 
You can still go out, be with your friends, have fun, 
dance, laugh, sing, wear your perfect dress and your 
favorite heels-maybe you'll meet someone special also 

My point is that there's no need to feel depressed 
and lonely. If you are in love you can celebrate all year 
long and if you are not yet it doesn't mean you are 
cursed never to fall in love and meet your other half 
or whatever you are searching for, just because you 
don't have a date on Valentine's Day. Be positive!

Anyway, I made this set today to propose to you two 
last-minute underwear choices. One from La Perla and 
one from Agent Provocateur, two of my favorite 
lingerie brands. Both sexy, both elegant, both red... 

Which one do you prefer? Which is your favorite color 
and brand for Valentine's Day?

Kisses xx

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4 σχόλια

  1. Both are super cute ;)

  2. I like Le Perla. It's so sexy yet so elegant.

    Happy Valentines Day hun!
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    1. I think I prefer Agent Provocateur^^ Happy Valentine's Day!!