Saturday, October 25, 2014


Hey guys! How are you all? I'm super tired since yesterday was the first day of Athens Exclusive Designers Week. It was great, but my stamina is not at it's best this year. I'll tell you more about Fashion Week in the future. Right now, I wanted to talk to you about the new collection that Alexander Wang designed for H&M.
I know I should have made this post way earlier, but honestly, I didn't have the time. After all, I can say I'm not as impressed as I expected to be. 
I absolutely love Alexander Wang, since he's so young and talented. His clothes combine perfectly casual and dressy, sporty and feminine. But, unfortunately, most of us normal people, can't really afford his designs. So, you can all guess how excited I was when I heard about his upcoming collab with H&M.
I got my first hint that I wasn't going to love it as much as I thought, when I saw Rihanna wearing tights and a matching crop top from the collection. Ten days ago, after the big party, the entire collection was revealed on
Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like it. In fact, there are some pieces that I would totally wear. But I don't LOVE it. The style is way too masculine, not androgynous chic, but chunky and sporty. I like the fact that it's all black, white and grey, but I wish it was a little more feminine. I get though that he wanted to show the strong, independant woman, the fighter.
The good news is that everyone will know that you are wearing Alexander Wang, since almost every piece says so. I'm really looking forward to seeing the collection in stores, and maybe buying a couple of things.
What do you think? Do you like this collection?

Monday, October 20, 2014


Oh boy! This is my 100th post! I simply can't believe it! There are so many things that I want to say about this blog and all the experiences that it has offered me, but I'm waiting until January when it's going to be officially 1 year old!
I can't think of a better way to celebrate this post, than the awesome collab with Julep. As I'm sure you know, Julep is a fab beauty brand widely loved all over the world. If you don't know them yet, just check out their new nail polish color page and I'm sure you'll love them like I do.
In my part of this post, I will show you how to create a fun spooky design on your nails for Halloween. I decided to go for a goth, zombie kind of thing. I think it really sets you in the mood.
Step 1: 
Apply base coat and dye your nails with black polish. I used the black one from Seventeen (or Julep's "Jet"). Apply twice for a bolder result.
Step 2:
After the black coat dries, take a white polish and create a big dot in the middle of your nail. Make sure that the dot is not too thick otherwise it will take forever to dry. I used "Winter White" by Maybelline (or Julep's "Dana"-extra points since it gets electric blue under black light- super spooky).
Step 3:
Use the brush tips and extend from the dot to create the jaw. Basically a tiny square. It doesn't have to be perfect.
Step 4:
After the head of your skull dries, use the same black nail polish we used in the beginning to create two ellipses for the eyes, a smaller and a larger one. Use the top of your black brush on the jaw to create the illusion of teeth. Let the details dry.
Step 5:
Use a dark red polish to add some blood. Be creative! I wanted blood coming out of the eyes and the mouth and then I thought it would be nice to have blood falling on the skull from the tip of my nail. I used "Red Seduction" by Maybelline (or Julep's "Anisha").

Step 6:
Use the tip of your brush to create red or white scars and maybe add some more blood at the rest of the nails.

Step 7:
Finish with top coat and you are done!

Your nails can be shaped however you like, to achieve this look. I like mine in the rounded square shape. I didn't use any special tools to create this, just the regular brushes of each polish. You can use a toothpick though if you find it hard to do it with the brush.

And now, for the Julep's part of the post, they send me and exclusive Halloween nail tutorial, just for you guys! How amazing is that? It's obviously much more professional than my design and super fun to do. Enjoy!
I believe that this collab was a perfect fit for my 100th post, since I don't believe that any of my readers are not nail junkies. I know I am!
I hope you guys enjoyed this extra special exclusive post. If you decide to recreate any of these two I would love to see it, so please post a photo on instagram and tag me @helena_tsk and Julep @julepmaven
Don't forget to check out Julep's page and to visit my blog again for more posts like this one. 
Have an awesome weekend!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


It's too cold for you here...
Hey everyone! I hope your Saturday plans are exciting! Just like I promised in my previous post, I created 3 different looks using brown/beige pieces. As I said, they are pretty versatile and can make your outfit look more expensive, but I figured that most people are kinda afraid to incorporate them in their looks. It's no secret that brown is harder to style that black or grey. But, lucky for you, this light brown goes perfectly with black and grey! 
I created 3 different looks because I know that everyone has a different style and different obligations and occasions in their lives. You obviously won't show up at school wearing a pencil skirt and animal print heels. But you could wear that at work.
The first outfit(header) is for you fashionistas who are not afraid to mix different prints and show some skin even when the weather is colder. Don't wear skin color tights with this, or any other look. I repeat, DO NOT WEAR "NUDE" TIGHTS! Haha sorry I get a little carried away. As I was saying, this look is a bit more brave so you want to keep everything neutral and kinda in the same color family. And, of course, don't overdo it with the makeup.
Find another one cause he belongs to me
The second one is the comfiest of all three and brings out the rocker side of this neutral color. Leather and denim is one of the best combinations on earth but I normally wouldn't go for three different dominant leather pieces in the same look. But I think that the beige makes everything more subtle, especially combined with the nude lipstick and gold instead of silver jewelry. I also love how this dressy top becomes more casual with the distressed jeans.
You're gone and I gotta stay high
The final outfit is the most dressy and polished. I love though how the chunky sweater dresses the whole look down. Here again I went for nude makeup because I think that a bold lip with leopard sandals would be too much in this case. 
I really can't pick a favorite but I guess the one I would wear more is the second one, just cause it's the one that fits my lifestyle the best. 
You guys just remember to take this trend and style it the way it suits you best and just have fun with it! There are really countless options for you to go for, especially if you choose an accessory instead of clothing in this color.
These following sets are some old ones I made for fashion week, but they are head-to-toe beige and not really something you can easily wear on a daily basis. But then again, it's up to you! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hey guys! How is October going so far? 
We are officially in fall mood and we should definitely dress like it. Since "no white after labor day" is far gone, you are free to wear pretty much everything. But, for those of you who actually want to embrace the warmer fall colors, gladly brown/beige is here. Whether it's light powder almost pink or dark camel it simply goes with everything and it can instantly make your outfits look more expensive and chic. If you want a bolder result, just dress it up with some statement jewelry or add a pop of color. It's hard to go wrong with these neutral tones. 
Win-win if you ask me. So, I thought I should gather all the great pieces for the season in just one article. For you. I know there are mainly designer pieces in the list, but it's basically an inspiration list. I will make a post with different fall outfits with beige and brown, but until then, you can have the slideshow. 
Leather, suede, sheer fabrics, cashmere... Clothes and accessories. All you need for the season! And maybe some things you don't. I girl has to buy what a girl has to buy, that's all I sayXD
Just use the arrows to see all the pictures. And, as always, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Have a nice month everyone!!! I don't know if you guys love Urban Decay or not but, the moment I say their new products, I knew they had to be on the blog. Everyone has been obsessing over the Naked series for so long, so it's great to see some new stuff for a change.
The new additions include two eye shadow palettes, two eye pencil sets and one mini lipstick stash. Simply, all the things color to work with this(and the next, and the next) season.
The first palette, Vice3, offers a wide selection of colors and finishes, while the Shadow Box sticks to the shimmers.
The eye pencils start from classic black and reach bold metallics and brave colors such as electric blue. The lipstick minis come in 3 new and 3 already existing bestselling shades and a full-size lip pencil.
My personal favorite is probably the Vice3 palette since it contains all anyone needs for eye shadow, the nudes, the greys and the jewel tones, including a double-ended brush. Plus, it offers some colors without shimmer, which has always been my problem with the Naked palettes. Too much shimmer.
It's quite of a good deal to give 60$ for these 20 colors and a brush, all full size. It depends on whether you are willing to spend this amount of money for eyeshadows. But, the quality is good, you already know that if you've ever tried UD products before. And please, let's take a moment and think about the YSL couture palettes that offered only 5 colors for the same price. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just check out my old post about them here.
I don't know if you like these new products, but I know for sure that Urban Decay is raising the bar once again and makes it hard for us to choose just one product from just one brand. 
Wouldn't it be perfect if we could afford them all?
I hope you guys are enjoying makeup as much as I do and I hope that life is going well. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on these new products and, until the next time, enjoy!
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