Saturday, January 30, 2016

HAIR DO'S & DON'TS (ft. Madison Reed) ♡

Hello my loves! How is your weekend going so far? I'm still struggling with my finals but I thought I should share this fun post with you. It's all about hair!
Long story short, I teamed up with Madison Reed to share with you our favorite hair do and don'ts and bust some popular myths. Although I'm no hair expert, I do work with a popular hair salon so I know some tricks. If you want the opinion of the pros though, you can check out the list at the end of the post! Also, you can take a fun hair color quiz! Now let's see my list...


 - Cut your split ends at home: Just take a small pair of scissors-the one you would use for your nails-and when you see a split end cut it. It's important to cut right where it starts, otherwise you'll end up with completely messed up hair.
- Use hair masks(DIY or not):  to hydrate and strengthen your hair, especially if you are an avid heat lover.
- Wash the night before: It saves you so much time in the morning! If you take that extra time to put them in a tight bun or braid etc. and prep them right, I guarantee you'll wake up with perfect ready-to-go hair!
- Let your hair dry before blow drying: You should let your hair air dry or dry in the towel up to 80% before you use heat. Not only it takes less time, but it also causes less damage.


- DIY lighter hair: I'm usually all about DIYs but, trust me, this one doesn't work. If you have dark hair and you want to go lighter or add highlights and stuff, don't try it at home. At least not at first. I tried to go blonder at home and I ended up with orange hair XD

- Bleach too often: It damages the hair and makes it weaker. Enjoy your natural hair color as long as you can ;)
- Comb curly hair: Unless you want to look like a frizzy poodle. In that case, go for it! Brush your hair after you wash it, only while it's still wet, to detangle it. Otherwise you'll ruin your beautiful curls.
- Trust Pinterest too much: Or any other hair DIY you find online. Be extra careful, because some tricks/treatments etc. don't work for everyone(or anyone!).

What do you guys think? What are your hair do's and don'ts? Let me know in the comments below♥

Sunday, January 24, 2016


Hello my lovelies! How are you? I'm currently incredibly busy and overwhelmed because of my finals but I just had to share my video with you.
It's part of a greek competition for new youtubers-hence me speaking Greek XD! Many people from all around Greece sent their submissions and the people organising the contest chose the top 100. Mine included! I couldn't believe it, to be honest^^
Now it's up to the crowd to decide their top 20 picks. I don't see mine winning but I'm still proud that I got some sort of recognition and, of course, I'm proud for my effort and the result. 
The contest ends in 5 days and I finally got the chance to share it with you. I would really appreciate it if you could check it out and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it. Even if you can't understand greek you can just mute me and watch the tutorial:P
I hope you like it! Let me know in the comments below♥

Thursday, January 14, 2016


You can all guess how thrilled I was when I got an invitation for Bridal Fashion Week. To be completely honest, I wasn't even aware that there was such a thing here since it has nothing to do with the OG fashion week I go to. After all, I'm not a bride to be-despite what everybody was asking me that day XD
I was invited to attend the show of the designer "STYΛIANOS", presenting his newest collection "The Roots Within". The setup was beautiful, since it was taking place at Zappeion. All the chairs were very wedding like and the lights were light blue, adding to the whole fairytale theme. 
The dresses were very dreamy and I liked how the designers decided to experiment with different textures, sheer fabrics and embellished sleeves. Most of them were very fairy-like, as if we were at the wedding of a goddess in the forest. The hand made work was remarkable as well as all the little dazzling details. 
All in all, I enjoyed the show a lot and I had a lot of fun at the after party, especially since Inglot-the sponsor of the show-gifted us mascaras and lipsticks. A wonderful experience!
What do you guys think? Would you wear any of these gowns to your wedding? Let me know in the comments below!♥

Thursday, January 7, 2016


Happy New Year everyone! It's 2016-finally! January is going to be a pin in the b but I'm determined to fight it till the end. I'm going to make some noise happen this year! You probably noticed that my holiday theme is gone, but I have a new header-yeahh^^ Anyway, I hope that 2016 will bring joy, luck and success to us all!
Moving on, I was looking forward to today's post since the beginning of December. Pantone has finally announced the color of the year! Well technically colorS. If you have no idea what I'm talking about you can go ahead and check out their website where they explain all about the concept and the new colors and possible combinations etc.
You can also check out my posts about Marsala(2015) and Radiant Orchid(2014) 
Sooooo, the colors for 2016 are...Rose Quartz and Serenity! Can you tell I'm excited? Before the release some predicted a turquoise-y color, which I love but it can't be compared to the awesomeness that rose quartz is! I absolutely adore Serenity too but, we all know it, pink is my color. Both of them are so low-key yet stunning, and feminine and very chic. I love them individually and I love them together as well.
Since putting together themed collections has kinda been my thing lately, I wasn't going to back out now. I created two ginormous collections with fashion and beauty items in the color scheme of Rose Quartz and Serenity. {aka baby blue and baby pink}
I know that in the beauty section there are a lot more pink items but, can you really blame me? Pink can be used for lips, eyes, cheeks and highlighter while blue is much more restrictive when it comes to makeup. Personally I own many blue eyeshadows but I just never seem to reach for them. As for the lipstick, the following video pretty much sums up my opinion XD
Man, I love Friends♥
I'm pretty sure that there are many more options that I didn't include here, but I needed to limit this somehow. I hope you like it!
Let me know your thoughts about the two colors of 2016 in the comments below♥

Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE OUTFITS♥ {holiday edition}

NYE #6
NYE #6 by ell0oukaa featuring clear handbags
I simply cannot believe that this is my last post for 2015! It's so surreal. In my head, summer was just a month ago-no joke. I'm so grateful for all the good things that happened this year, and of course for all the bad ones that didn't come my way. I want to wish you and your families all the best and I pray that the new year will bring luck and happiness to us all!
Let's get to the post now♥ You know the drill, I created 6 different, completely festive outfits for NYE.
The first one(header) is just gold, some gold and a little more gold...aka...NYE! I'm obsessing over everything in this look and I would wear it for the rest of the year if I could ;)
NYE #1
NYE #1 by ell0oukaa featuring a zip top
The second one is very glamorous. Sexy yet chic, safe with the black yet daring and festive with the glitter. I got a little carried away after that...XD
NYE #2
The next one is for that classy yet young and playful girl. I would(obviously) wear the ears with this look for New Year's. I think it's different but very holiday appropriate!
NYE #3
NYE #3 by ell0oukaa featuring Alice + Olivia
The fourth one is probably one of my favorites. Very 20's sexy vavavoom, very modern-day Gatsby! I'm in love!
NYE #4
NYE #4 by ell0oukaa featuring nars cosmetics
I absolutely adore the rose gold paired with the pink in the fifth look. I really like that every piece is very unique on it's own yet they all go so well together!
NYE #5
NYE #5 by ell0oukaa featuring a white singlet
The last one is for the mature, chic and fashionable girl out there! It is probably the most comfortable out of the six, but I wouldn't call it conservative. [I know I went a little overboard with all the fur in this post but I promise I only support faux-fur, I could never put a poor dead animal on me.] Anyways, I love the whole iced silver theme here!
My last festive song of choice is this one by Michael Buble. I know it's not one of his typical holiday songs but it always makes me think of this time of year♥
That is it guys! I hope you liked my last post for 2015! See you again in 2016♥ 
Happy New Year!
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