Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Charlie's angel, blonde bombshell, Cameron Diaz designed her first accessories collection for the brand "Pour la victoire" (For the win, in french). She has been the artistic director of the brand since 2013 and, after a small capsule, she finally designed her very first full collection. It consists of shoes and bags designed to offer you comfort in your everyday life, while keeping it stylish. 
The actress who swears by flat comfortable shoes to help her make it through the day, went for average height in heels and lots of booties. Leather and suede in mainly black and grey, but also in daring red. Keeping everything in place, being comfortable, fitting ALL you need in a trendy bag, minimize the effort. Pretty much every woman's mantra when it comes to work and everyday obligations.
Now, you can stroll around town, go to work, drive and do whatever your schedule demands and still keep it chic and stylish. You already know now that Cameron Diaz would wear that, and if we're being completely honest here, who wouldn't want to look like her?
I don't love every single piece in this collection, but I definitely adore some of them-hu header hu- ^*
What about you guys? What do you think of her new collection?

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Stay in my arms if you dare ^*
Hello everyone! I'm sure you all know that September is the fashion month. We start in New York and end in Paris after countless shows and amazing experiences. I've only got the chance to go to the fashion week in Athens, but one day...♥
As you may remember, back in February, I made a post showing you some outfits I would wear at the NYFW and, of course, my favorite looks from the shows. It required hard work, but I loved it. This is why I decided to make another one this season with four outfits for the rest of the week(started 4/9) and the looks from the runway that caught my eye so far.
I remember the way we touched. I wish I didn't like it so much
Just like I did in February, I tried to incorporate the colors of the upcoming season to the outfits. So since I had colorful sweaters and coats before, dark minimalistic short and sleeveless pieces were required. I'm suddenly all about straight cuts and clear lines, as you will see in some upcoming sets that I decided were too warm for NY. 
Break Free
Break Free by ell0oukaa featuring a blue top
Leather will always be one of my favorite things to rock during fall and winter. Black and white will always rule, but as I've told you before, the burgundy trend is really big this season and I can't wait to wear it. Mini skirts to show the summer tan that's left, interesting bags and eye-catching heels. Is it just me, or these sleeveless turtlenecks are great transitional pieces?
Classic expensive you don't get to touch♥
When it comes to the runway now, I must say I was impressed. There are of course many important designers to see, but I'm really pleased with what I've seen so far. Sheer fabrics, lace, pastels, white on white, layers over layers, loose or strict silhouettes, abstract prints, solid colors romantic and sport elements, all here to create the perfect combination. Really sets me in the mood for spring, even though I already have a black mani-pedi on.
These are my favorites, enjoy!
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer