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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Who would have thought that spring would be here so fast? I know it's still chilly outside, at least where I live, but warm sunny days are about to come. I'm sure your closet is just like mine. Dark colors, boring chunky knits and winter boots. Don't get anxious. I'm here today to make your wardrobe transition to spring a lot easier. 
It is kinda odd to go from your black turtleneck to a neon yellow sundress, right? The key here is to find the right spring pieces and start incorporating them to your winter looks. Make baby steps and don't just go for florals, crop tops and color all at once.
Now, what are those life-saving pieces you may want to consider adding back to your closet? Well, everything! You see, it's not what you wear, but how you  wear it. The safest option is probably light washed denim and lightweight black and white. But, you can definitely wear a white lace tank if you do the proper layering. 
Another tip is to opt for contrast pieces. This really isn't what it sounds like. I mean dark spring clothes or light winter clothes. So, you will pick a pastel leather jacket or coat, but a black crop top or sundress. Pretty simple huh?
You can also go for that bright pop of color. How cool will look a total black outfit with a neon blue purse? This pop of color can be anything from floral sunglasses to a bright mini skirt with black opaque tights.
Just get your imagination working in way that you'll end up with cute transitional outfits instead of a cold! XD
I hope you guys like the things I picked. What are your key transitioning pieces? Let me know in the comments below♥
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