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Thursday, May 12, 2016


How are you my loves? Tired of everything and everyone like me? In need for some major fashion inspo to get through the week? I got you covered! Life sucks but that doesn't mean our outfits have to suck too XD 
I'm sure you've all noticed that loafers are becoming a thing, well actually they are already a pretty big deal in fashion. Flats in general I would say. So many stylish girls are opting for sneakers instead of heels nowadays. I absolutely love this trend a)because I live in sneakers and biker boots and b)because I love the idea of being stylish and comfortable throughout the day. But, I'm not a big fan of loafers. I used to wear ballerina flats when I was younger, but now I feel that they don't compliment my style or my body shape. 
Loafers are the kind of shoes that I would categorize as man-repellers and, even though they're trendy, I just can't seem to get on board. But, I would be a terrible fashion advisor if I only posted about the stuff I wear.Thus, I decided to curate a couple of loafers that I would kinda sorta might-a wear. Usually the fashion crowd-the Olsens ahem-are pairing them with pants, but I've been seeing them with dresses lately and I do like a good mix n' match.
Here are my loafers of choice and, of course, some style inspo!
Would you guys wear them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below♥
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


source: Pinterest
I remember the time when sneakers used to be a big fashion DON'T. And I laugh. Right now, they have become one of the hottest accessories for fashionistas. I bet all of you, who always were fans of these shoes, are now jumping for joy on your new colorful Nikes. The times when the sneakers were strictly made for working out are over. You can now find them in any possible combination of color, material and brand, suitable for every weird and difficult taste. If you prefer classic minimalism, black and white Stan Smiths are also making a comeback. If you like to experiment(like me) you can go crazy and have colors, patterns and glitters on your feet, saying goodbye to blisters for good! Sneakers, slip-ons and loafers are everywhere, from runways(even Chanel!) to the streets and they are waiting for you to love them. 
Now that you can wear sneakers with dresses and skirts, it's also time to embrace another trend, also comfortable, and wear your heels with sweatpants. Sporty chic rules so you have now no excuse not to wear your sportswear outside.
I'm really curious to see how many sneakers I'm going to spot at Fashion Week in Athens. It's only two days away! This is actually another reason I'm happy-I'm wearing heels so all of you who are taller than me and are now wearing flats, BOO-YAH! Just kidding! I'm just really excited that the comfy shoe I wear every single day is in fashion! Please God, ehm...Karl, could you please continue making awesome things happen? I know you will!
What are your thoughts on this trend? Have you already fallen for it? Or not?
p.s. The last one is a photo of my sneakers. My Stan Smiths are probably the oldest ones you'll find "alive". They belonged to my aunt when she was my age! 
p.s.2 I am in love with the Nikes in the last photo before mine♥

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