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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


 If you've visited my blog before, you probably know my addiction to lippies and nail polishes. I just need to have more and more and new colors keep coming out. Of course I don't buy all the things I crave, so the only thing I can do is daydream. I'm a big fan of essie nail polishes and their new Summer 2014 and Neons 2014 collections are absolutely addictive. I must admit that I prefer the neons for summer. All the colors are great and I simply can't pick a favorite. The beige(Urban Jungle) from the first collection, is so chic and you can totally wear it all year long. 
The weather is finally warm and sunny here and with the correct accessories(nail polish is an accessory, I've told you before!) you can barely smell the summer approaching. It doesn't matter that we need to stay in the city and do really boring stuff that require hard work. We can always stay in fashion and keep it cool and stylish!
I can work on my blog, read great books, drink cold juices and tea, sketch, hang with friends and you can do all the stuff that make you happy in order to cope easily with your other obligations!
Here are the new Essie eye-candy shades for this summer! Enjoy!
Summer 2014
 (haute in the heat, fierce no fear, roar orange, ruffles and feathers, strut your stuff, urban jungle)

Neons 2014
(i'm addicted, chills and thrills, serial shopper, vices versa, too taboo, sittin pretty)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


You've probably got what today's post is about. NAILS! Well, nail polishes, to be precise. If you asked my friends two months ago, they would all tell you that I ALWAYS have a different color on my nails. Some of you might have noticed that this is not the situation on the photos I upload here. A couple of weeks ago, even though I was using base coat, my nails were really damaged and weak and kept breaking. This is why I decided not to use any polish(apart from the transparent shiny one) for some time. And it worked! My nails are starting to look better and stronger day by day, getting ready for the awesome springtime colors. 
I absolutely adore nail polishes! I consider them as an accessory that, just like clothing, is related with my mood. Sometimes, in the middle of summer I feel like doing black nails and during winter I'm craving a bright shade. When I saw all the new colors for SS14 I was so thrilled-I literally want every single one of them. Lately, I'm having a huge baby blue addiction(I keep searching for the perfect baby blue boyfriend coat-any suggestions?), but this doesn't stop me from falling in love with the rest. Everything is so perfect and inspiring, the pastels, the vivid ones, the neon...all sexy, chic and feminine. As always, I'm proposing both the affordable and the more pricey choices, it's all up to you. Have fun with them! I think we all love ^!and deserve!^ a good manicure!What are your favorite shades for SS14?
DIOR ( porcelain, bouquet, bloom, perlé, blossom, pampille)
ESSIE (find me an oasis, cocktails and coconuts, resort fling, under the twillight
FOREVER 21 (head in the clouds, maple, safari, lavender dreams, sea green)
H&M (chillout, pink macaron, serenity now)
AMERICAN APPAREL (american denim, french lilac, made in LA-teal)
CHANEL (riva, ballerina, charivari, tapage)


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