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Monday, August 28, 2017


Hello my loves! How are you feeling now that summer is coming to an end? I am obviously really sad and I feel that it went by so fast but, at the same time, I am so happy for all the experiences that I had and all the memories. Also, I am particularly excited for fall, because September is when we start getting back in schedule and everyone is around again and the weather is nice.

Speaking of nice weather, there is nothing I enjoy more than outdoor celebrations. Fall is the perfect time to do such a thing since it's not too warm nor too cold and it's very befitting if you want to celebrate new beginnings or just see your friends again after the summer break. 

Now, there are numerous things you could do, from picnics to game nights to cooking mexican food with friends-which is my favorite. But, they all most certainly include alcohol. I don't particularly enjoy any booze other than wine (yay for rosé ♥), so cocktails really save the day when it comes to drinking something else. They are also much more boujee, fashionable and ladylike ;)

If you are like me and you can't quite understand those people who drink whiskey neat, then I am sure you are going to love the cocktails that my friends from SkinnyPop put together. I think there is one for every taste and they also propose some pairings with their uniquely flavored popcorn! I think the White peach Sangria one would taste divine!

I don't know about you, but I am dying to try out these cocktails and combinations at my next get-together with friends! What about you guys? What is your go-to drink for occasions like that? Let me know in the comments below ♥

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Fashion Week is in just a few weeks and I can’t wait! Yesterday I ran into some photos from the 14th Athens Fashion Week last October. It was the first Fashion Week I attended alone, as ever since I was a tiny little girl my mum used to drag me with her to fashion shows. So now you know who' s to blame for me becoming a fashion addict. As I was saying, all the shows were great but I personally (and my friend) fell in love with Makis Tselios Spring-Summer Collection. It was full of satin and lace in earth tones and pastels combined with pearls and other elegant pieces. It was so breathtaking we couldn’t say a single word apart from wow! Let’s hope that the upcoming event will be even better!

Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer