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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Heaven is a place online x Weddingtonway #1
Hello guys! How are you?? It's so good to be back! Currently I'm on vacation in Paros and I have no free time to sit and write a decent post. But, today I decided I should do it no matter what.
Are you familiar with Weddington Way? They have a great selection of formal clothing for many different occasions. With such a large variety of colors and designs it truly is hard not to find what you are looking for.
I don't know if you've ever been a bridesmaid, but the struggle with the dress is real. It's a nice, good quality piece, but you just can't seem to wear it ever again. Thus, I decided to create three different looks styling the dresses from Weddington Way for a date.
The first one(header) is rocker chic and I love how all the basic black accessories compliment the hot pink dress. A leather jacket(the ultimate multitasking piece♥) is a great way to dress an outfit up or down.
Heaven is a place online x Weddingtonway #2
The second one is more classic and elegant. I think that many girls would go for this because it is not very edgy. These cool tones would look amazing with long wavy locks in my opinion^*
Heaven is a place online x Weddingtonway #3
The last one is very trendy and young. Probably what I would opt for during the summer. We all know I am an avid color-blocking lover and I think that the flat sandals add a more relaxed vibe to the whole look.
  So, these are the looks I created. I hope you like them! If you want to check out more amazing dresses visit
How do would you wear your bridesmaid dress for a date? let me know in the comments below♥ 
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