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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's been ages since I last made a ?More or Less? post. It's just that it requires a lot of work and search and lately I it's been hard to cope with time and obligations. You know how we say that you get "punished" during the week for the sins of the weekend? Well, I don't know what I've done, but I'm being "punished" with tons of work for a long time now. And it's not the kind of work that you do because you chose it and you love it. It's something mandatory to take things to the next level. Plus, when you do your job, you get paid. But, for example, in the french diploma exams, you pay them. Yeah! But I try not to stay miserable, and the opportunities that keep coming up because of my blog, really motivate me to keep going. I love french, anyway. It's other things that I can't stand.
Anyways, as you've probably realised if you follow me on Polyvore(you totally should if you don't), I've been into casual chic lately. This of course doesn't mean that the cost of the outfits is getting any lower. But there is no point in showing you affordable options of Haute Couture, since most of you probably don't have the proper occasion to pull off such outfits. Instead, everyone can relate to casual everyday looks. Gingham has been a pretty big thing lately, especially in pastels. I chose these black and white shorts to get away from the romantic, and pajama, aspect of the trend. I paired them with white t-shirts with mesh detailing to make things a little more interesting. The Chloé gladiator sandals are so good and chic for such a chunky shoe. A friend of mine told me that she hates gladiator sandals and that she prefers flip-flops. I don't agree, do you? To brighten up the looks I added the neutral backpack that you have also seen here. Final details, the bracelets! I love stacking bracelets so so SO much! It's fun and elegant and compliments perfectly any outfit any time of the day. The difference between the prices is ridiculously big. I even added J.Crew to the affordable outfit, what else can I do?
I love both outfits and I would totally wear them, more or less! What about you?

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Style me chic:Birkenstock
How are you guys? I hope that May is going great so far! I have so many things to do, but I always find some time to do the things I love. One of these, is creating challenges for myself. Little things to accomplish in order to become better or just have fun. One challenge that came to mind was styling an "ugly" item in a chic way. For my first time, I chose Birkenstock. I don't think that they are ugly the conventional way, but I wouldn't actually call them chic nor pretty and stylish. The whole idea behind the challenge is that I'm always thinking how easy it is to style chic a classic, elegant item. But this pair of shoes is something that you are most likely to wear at the beach or at a very casual and relaxed situation. So, I created two different outfits using the most "chic" pair of Birkenstocks I could find. For the first outfit, I went for the blue on blue combination, which is perfect for this season and one of my favorites. It can flatter a regular figure better than white on white. Then I added some delicate gold jewelry, a minimal Victoria Beckham clutch and this amazing Michael Kors gold watch. Jumping from pastels to classic black and white for the second look, I decided to add some bright colorful accessories. Basically I tried to transform classic minimalism into something more young and fun, but always keeping it simple because of the shoes. Even though I always said that I don't like these(except if you have a problem with your feet, but that's a completely different situation), but I would easily and happily wear both looks.
What do you think of these outfits? Would you wear them? Do you like Birkenstock? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


source: Pinterest
I remember the time when sneakers used to be a big fashion DON'T. And I laugh. Right now, they have become one of the hottest accessories for fashionistas. I bet all of you, who always were fans of these shoes, are now jumping for joy on your new colorful Nikes. The times when the sneakers were strictly made for working out are over. You can now find them in any possible combination of color, material and brand, suitable for every weird and difficult taste. If you prefer classic minimalism, black and white Stan Smiths are also making a comeback. If you like to experiment(like me) you can go crazy and have colors, patterns and glitters on your feet, saying goodbye to blisters for good! Sneakers, slip-ons and loafers are everywhere, from runways(even Chanel!) to the streets and they are waiting for you to love them. 
Now that you can wear sneakers with dresses and skirts, it's also time to embrace another trend, also comfortable, and wear your heels with sweatpants. Sporty chic rules so you have now no excuse not to wear your sportswear outside.
I'm really curious to see how many sneakers I'm going to spot at Fashion Week in Athens. It's only two days away! This is actually another reason I'm happy-I'm wearing heels so all of you who are taller than me and are now wearing flats, BOO-YAH! Just kidding! I'm just really excited that the comfy shoe I wear every single day is in fashion! Please God, ehm...Karl, could you please continue making awesome things happen? I know you will!
What are your thoughts on this trend? Have you already fallen for it? Or not?
p.s. The last one is a photo of my sneakers. My Stan Smiths are probably the oldest ones you'll find "alive". They belonged to my aunt when she was my age! 
p.s.2 I am in love with the Nikes in the last photo before mine♥

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