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Thursday, November 5, 2015


Like I promised, here is the most gigantic fashion week post that someone has ever created! I wanted to make more and smaller posts but I decided that it would be better to gather everything in just one, so that you guys can have a better perspective of everything happening in Athens during the 18th fashion week!
It was like a huge party, with music and shows and so many people there! But it was also extremely tiring and it soaked up all my energy. I wasn’t eating, sleeping or resting, so I really needed to take a moment to relax and unwind after it was done, that is why I’m posting this now. There were also some technical issues but you don’t need to care about that. I just know now that I can’t rely on anybody and that I need to take care of everything myself the next time-like I usually do.
Anyway, let’s get into the post, shall we?


We were also invited to the fittings of some of the designers, before the actual fashion week. It was so nice to see all the designers working, some unfinished pieces and meeting all the models. I thought it would be nice to interview some of them-just for you!

Side Projects

Outside the place where the shows took place, the event planners decided to let some people show their accessories and unique creations for the fashion crowd. Sunnies, jewelry and much more, complimented the entire event beautifully.

Day #1   
Athens Exclusive Designers Week started dynamically once again. Designers, bloggers, reporters and many more people of the industry from around the world gathered in the capital of Greece to celebrate fashion, exchange ideas and be a part of this big creative party that Fashion Week is about.

On the first day, both international and local designers presented their collections for Spring and Summer 2016 in so many different takes, styles and alterations.

Eleni Kyriakou was clearly inspired by ancient Greek architecture. The models were hypothetical statues, dressed in colorful dresses. The water and air elements also played a big part in the collection with the flowy fabrics, but also since the dresses were presented wet the second time.

Vasilije Kovačev mainly focused on pastels paired with neutrals and edgy lines paired with feminine elements. Warm terracotta colors brought the old-school shirts and blouses to life and upgraded the classic office look. The designer wasn’t afraid to experiment with different textures and lines. Sequins, leather and tulle together with the signature appliqué flowers.

LEON presented his first complete collection and dazzled the crowd. With three previous mini (new designer) collections, he surely lived up to the expectations and gained many more fans. Polka dots in many different designs, vintage looking co-ords with contemporary accessories, tutus, stripes, lace, blush colors and bohemian vibes were his main focus. It was such a vivid and interesting collection, something highly anticipated from a young designer like himself.

Boško Jakovljević was only focused in menswear. We saw classic yet crazy and colorful suits but also some more sporty looks. He used vibrant colors, polka dots, stripes and an interesting graphic printed fabric. If someone wants to take his look one step further, he should definitely take a look at the designer’s latest collection.

Kathy Heyndels created a stunning collection, as always. The designer chose to present the current fall-winter collection instead of the spring one, but that is something that many designers choose to do. It was full black and white, but boring is not the word to describe it. Glamorous, edgy and sexy are a far better fit. The designer used leather, fur, fringe, lace and fishnet, experimented with stripes and glitter and presented some very elegant wedding dresses.

#Day 2

We all went there with our hopes up for the upcoming shows. And we had every right to do so. All the creations were wonderfully put together and it was obvious that the designers had worked with a lot of love and passion. Everyone showed something different, something similar to what we’ve seen before, but somehow unique in it’s own way.

Marcello Niktas made his comeback on the second day, presenting a bold collection with a mixture of rock, grungy and wild-western elements. Lots of animal print, fur, leather but also plaid, bold metals and safety pins and sultry lace. We loved the sexy total black looks and the colorful ones intrigued our imagination.  The designer surely made some very interesting combinations that can easily be adapted and incorporated in our everyday look.

Loukia Kyriakou showed a full white collection with beautiful gold elements. All the pieces were very elegant and flattering. She used lace as her primal fabric and the result was really impressive. The models looked like glam goddesses and the golden prints were simply stunning and captivating and they definitely upgraded the looks.

Gio Sourgiadakis only presented menswear. Mainly shirts and tailored pants, things that we’re all used to, but with a slight twist. The colors were popping and the prints were nicely mixed together creating a classic, put together yet trendy outcome.

Tassos Mitropoulos presented maxi dressed and extravagant gowns. He showed an edgy take on the classic tulle skirts and really made a strong impression with all his designs. The red looks were so vibrant and bold-probably some of our favorites from the entire collection.

Somf has dazzled us with the previous collections many times. This one was not very different, although we missed the signature eye designs. We loved the rock aspect of the collection and the adorable collaboration with that baby supply company surely melted our hearts.

Vassilis Zoulias decided to pick a different space to host his newest collection. We walked in a luxurious ballroom with carpets and chandeliers and admired the models walking around the unique infinity-shaped runway. “Women in Mykonos from 1920 to 1980” was the theme of the collection. The presentation was simply stunning, complimenting perfectly the drool-worthy creations. We were excited to see some of our favorite well-known Greek models in the show and we left feeling so happy! Bright colors, black and white, beautiful textures, everything that characterizes each and every one of the glorious decades was there!

#Day 3

Sunday is always dedicated to the new designers. Each season aspiring young artists from around the country are given the chance to present mini collections, more like a sample of their work to the crowd and receive recognition for their effort.
This year, two Greek fashion schools started the day with their creations and then twelve new designers followed, competing for the three awards given at the end of the night.

Akto Art& Design College presented abstract lines, neutral colors and minimalistic styles. We enjoyed the casual aesthetic paired with the asymmetrical styling of the looks.
Personal Favorite: the ombré romper.   

Athens Fashion Club Fashion School put together a futuristic collection with elements that glow in the dark. Alien chic, metallic hues, sparkles and space hair, all impressed the crowd.
Personal Favorite: Silver two-piece with sequins.

Maria Vytinidou worked with folklore elements and showed a colorful, vivid collection. She paired many different colors and many different prints together and added a bit of a bohemian vibe to the looks.

Persephone focused on black and white. She played with textures and added interesting cuts to the outfits. Imagine a very minimalistic color blocking, with a slight pop of sea blue. The crowd was surely impressed by the clean lines and the hairstyle of the models.

Parle Moi worked strictly with black and white and did a chic color blocking, mixing and matching the two staple colors-working her way to couture. One thing that certainly stimulated our interest was the headpieces resembling to deer horns. It’s clear that the designer was influenced by Alexander McQueen.

Penelope Demetriou presented a total black collection. She worked with different fabrics like lace, leather and tulle in order to achieve a feminine, yet edgy result. We enjoyed the powerful cuts and the rocker chic vibe of the pieces, as well as the magical voice of the singer who performed on the runway.

MAl-LE by Aggeliki Maleviti  sticked to the all-black theme too. Her designs were a bit sexier, with the sheer fabrics and the revealing cuts paired with the smoky makeup. One thing that really caught my attention was the spiked heels!

Joy Koumentakou| Made by JK really stole the show with her colorful and vibrant collection. Inspired by pop art, she presented fun clothes with popping prints, feminine and androgynous lines and crazy accessories. To be completely honest, it was very much needed after so much black-especially during a spring presentation!

Blondie.e worked with light colors and lace and showed a feminine bohemian collection. She also used fancy ropes as accessories like belts and necklaces. Fringe elements couldn’t be missing from the show, but she also incorporated some chic two-pieces.

MARΩ MARTZH presented an abstract, geometrical collection. She invested in color-blocking and used vibrant colors like red and blue paired with silky beige and glittery gold. Somewhat ancient Egypt...or is it just me?

Chris & Tonia focused on pastels and summer vibes. The blush colors were absolutely gorgeous and the lines were very feminine and flattering. We really enjoyed the flowy silk dresses together with the tailored pants.

Tryfonas Modestou worked with vivid colors paired with whiny white fabrics. The color-blocking was interesting and it was clear that the designer had a more futuristic vision. He also used fishnet in many different ways and incorporated kind of a preppy vibe to the collection.

Nella Ioannou presented beautiful gowns. What really caught our attention was the influence from Disney princesses, hence the interesting head pieces. She used lace, tulle, fringes and embellishments and paired white with pastels and vivid colors.

Demis Araniadis showed a full black collection. Straight lines, clean cuts, sheer elements and hoodies incorporated in the outfits. Sexy casual is probably the best way to describe this.

Dimitrios Ordoulidis, who is also the winner of the previous contest, based his collection around two words: “sexual” and “abstract”. He combined monochromes and prints and he presented causal yet interesting and flattering clothes.


Best Fashion Design Ambassador: Parle Moi
Best New Designer: Parle Moi
Best Trendsetter: Joy Koumentakou | Made by JK
Best Catwalk: Nella Ioannou

Day #4

During the last day, we saw many great designers, some well-known, with a large fan-base. Monday was probably one of my favorite days. It might have been only five shows, but we enjoyed all of them. You know, quality over quantity.

Rita Pateroni showcased ethnic and bohemian elements, transforming them into 21st century appropriate pieces. The dressed were chic, feminine and romantic and the models looked like fairies. Very fresh and beautiful.

Gogo by Stalo went glam and bold. Black, leather, shimmer, sheer fabrics, lace and crazy prints put together a big and stylish collection. I must admit that I can’t be very objective here because most of the pieces were very close to my personal style, things that I would wear. Nonetheless, it was interesting.

La vue showed mainly menswear. Fashionable clothes inspired by hip-hop music, which was also playing during the show, minimalistic prints and amazing shoes. A collection for the “cool boys”.

Panos Apergis presented beautiful kaftans. The flowing fabrics and the colorful prints were just screaming spring. A bohemian collection with 70’s and gypsy vibes. Such an interesting mix and match!

Atelier Loukia was the closing show of the entire season. We needed it to be good. Fairy-like gowns, big extravagant skirts with tutus underneath and lacey details. Kinda like princesses of the forest, if that makes sense!

It was truly a remarkable experience! I absolutely loved being there and meeting so many people and watching so many different shows and designers. Sure, there were some technical issues and things that got in the way of this experience to be perfect, but I still enjoyed it and I simply can’t wait until the next one! 

I hope you guys like this post, because it’s probably the biggest one I’ve uploaded here so far and I honestly worked so hard for it. Not just to edit every single thing, but also to gather so much footage and material. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below
(photos: Elena Tsakiridou, Studio Panoulis)

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Yes I went. Again. Yes you probably know since I've been continuingly spamming you on instagram. But, if a picture is worth a thousand words, what can anyone say about a video? I made another one, just for you. I didn't go to the first show and the last one was Topshop. The truth is it wasn't all that good. Some pieces were really nice, but I was expecting more. But that's not the reason I didn't include it in the video. You see, something went wrong with the lighting during the show-just like in Marks and Spencer-and also my battery died. I'm sorry for that. I promise next season I'll have a lot more to show you.
For now, enjoy this quick video and imagine you were there with me. That day was seriously so good. We had a lot of fun and met with many other bloggers and people from the industry. Music, fashion, friends and delicious hibiscus juice from Starbucks inside the show. Soooo good! I wish I could go the rest of the week too, but time to do things I like is one of the many things that were taken away from me this year. Anyways, enjoy*in HD*♥
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Friday, October 31, 2014


Hey guys! How are you?? I'm so happy that this week is finally coming to an end, because I really need some rest. Here in Greece, was a national holiday, but I didn't stay in and relax like normal people did. You see, I had to go to fashion week.
Those of you who have been to one probably understand what I'm talking about. It's that mix of feelings where you really want to go and see all the fashion shows, but on the other hand, you just want to stay in bed and burn your heels.
Let's be honest, I am tired, but I truly had an amazing time. I met new people (some of them knew my blog #OMG) and I got to be surrounded by fashion, which is kind of rare in my everyday life. The ones that follow me on instagram, obviously noticed that I was posting like crazy these past few days. 
So, I thought that instead of a boring outfit post, I should show you Athens Exclusive Designers Week, through my point of view.
You know that feeling when you realise that a big event is tomorrow and you still haven't figured out what to wear? Jewelry is a very important part of my look, and I think that the right combo can really make the difference. {FIY I ended up wearing most of these the first day...oops^^}
I got new last minute business cards specially made for fashion week. I love the way they turned out! ps. I gave that necklace to my bestie to wear at axdw.
 Just a tired, blurry mess, which is exactly what I felt like when I came home the first day.
Arm candy and a bold lip(and the perfect wing that you can't see) for day1...what else?
I'm so thrilled every time I get to sit in the second or the front row because I can totally see all the details-and take awesome photos- and it really feels like it's just me and the model there.
One of the prettiest models, or so my friend who is a professional makeup artist says, of axdw in one of the most chic and elegant dresses we saw.
Vassilis Zoulias presented gorgeous 50's and 60's lines and added plenty of color. Sure works for me ^*
This show reminded me(and the rest of the people there) of the italian designers. Especially the jewelry were just so D&G!
All I wore under my strict blazer was a lace bralet. It goes without saying that my blazer was fully buttoned at all times.
The first day of fashion week was also my bestie's bday so you can guess we went a little cray-cray there. That's just normal behaviour for us though XD
"Feel your heart" program by Coca Cola light. What better thing to do than support the health of women's heart? #wecandothis
My awesome pass that really makes people look at me in a different way. It makes me feel so professional.
I've been obsessed with this hairstyle ever since I saw it on the runway. I even recreated it at home(successfully!)
The white angels at the Kathy Heyndels show were either brides or cousins of Elsa from Frozen.
The black ones had a more hipster vibe.
One of the best shows of the season hands down!
Just me once again blending in the fashion crowd. [random people passing behind me] I'm seriously in love with my outfit from that day.
Just cause it wouldn't be fashion week without delicious drinks for the tired bloggers. 
Oh axdw I'm gonna miss you until next year! Thank you all, my fashion friends/designers/idk...for the great memories and experiences! xx
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