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Wednesday, December 14, 2016


Hello my darlings! Are you freezing your everything off where you live? Or is it just us here in Greece? I guess it's a small price to pay for the wonderful weather we have the rest of the year. That header, for example, showing me enjoying the awesome greek summer back in August. Btw, I obviously can swim, and I used to do it competitively, but I just love to relax in my floatie♥ Oh how I miss it!

Anyway, today, I wanted to take a tiny break from our fashion chats and talk about something a little more personal, and more real and important, if you will. 

I just wanted to say that I've been so stressed and in such a bad mental state lately and I'm trying so hard to get over it. I want you guys to know that I am here, if you ever need someone to talk to :) 

I know exactly how bad it can get and I know that sometimes it may feel like you're powerless. But you're not. You are the boss, you control yourself and it is your choice to not let anything and anyone affect you. You are the most important one and you are beautiful-inside & out-just the way you are. Don't let them convince you you are not worthy of something/someone or that you are just not enough. 

I think the most important thing I have to say, apart from advising you to believe in yourselves-if you can dream it you can do it!- is that you are in fact way stronger than you think. And way better than you're letting yourself admit. All those people you see, so confident and full of themselves, they've got nothing on you. They just know how to fake it. Or they are ignorant enough to believe that they are perfect. Nobody is or ever will be perfect. The sooner you realise that, the better.

Everyone is unique and we should learn to love ourselves first, before we seek love and approval from others. After all, their opinions couldn't matter less. If you think you can get better, by all means, go ahead and shine! But, stop beating yourself up and being so hard and mean on you.

If you feel like you are not enough, work harder. If you feel like you can't make it, just know that you can. This is coming from someone who had a panic attack, two days ago, and couldn't breath properly or function, or stop crying. And for something so unimportant. 

Talk to others, make them understand and, most importantly, talk to yourself (even out loud if you need to) and accept who you are. Accept your flaws and your imperfections, embrace your good qualities. And never, ever, let anyone bring you down. After all, at the end of the day, all you're left with is yourself. And you should be thankful you are so amazing!

Family, boys, friends, school, work...they are all important in their own way. But, most of them are also so ephemeral. They come and go so fast. And all you're left is the scars that you let happen. Cherish the good times, make great memories, create strong bonds and let go of anything toxic that is poisoning your thoughts. Life is too short to worry about them-or anything.

Take a deep breath, do more of what makes you happy and, relax, and love yourself ♥

Thursday, March 24, 2016


Hello everyone, it's Elena, reporting live from my bedroom, surrounded by tissues and medicine. Yup, I somehow managed to get sick again! But sickness won't keep me from delivering the most fresh and fashion-forward trends to you. 
Continuing with my mini-series about alternative spring prints, today I want to talk to you about polka dots. If you missed my previous post about rainbow stripes, you can check it out here.
Let's just start by saying that I am completely in love with polka dots. I think that they are so versatile and easy to style. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge stripes fanatic, but I believe that they can be a bit unflattering sometimes. Dots on the other hand, are so chic and can always add and interesting yet subtle touch to any look. 
They may not scream spring, like rainbow did, but I think that depending on your style you can look from very conservative to very playful with polka dots! I love their vintage-retro vibe and I definitely want to give them a go this spring. 
What about you? Are they something you are willing to try?
Let me know in the comments below♥


Tuesday, November 4, 2014


WARNING: This is not one more post about Kylie Jenner's lips. Thank youXD.
Hey guys! How are you all? I'm feeling a little sick today but I hope that it will be gone by tomorrow. I say it's my punishment for having way too much on Friday and during the weekend. But who knows?
I've been meaning to make this post a long time now, but something always got in the way. Or maybe it was just me worrying about your response on it. I know that a lot of  people criticise "The Kardashians" and that just as many worship them. But, you see, this post is not about their lifestyle, the plastic surgeries or the scandals. It's about style. And I believe that we can all agree that Kylie Jenner's got it. There is a reason that so many girls are trying to copy her looks these days, after all. 
She caught my attention because of her famous LIPS. I am sure you've seen a tutorial or a ten(thousand) on how to make your lips like hers. As a fashion and beauty blogger, it's my job to pay attention to stuff like that. I thought though that there is no need in talking about her lips AGAIN. All I'm going to say is that any nude-dark pink-mauve-brown matte colors(preferably combined) are her thing. If you want more, then just go ahead and type "kylie lips" on Youtube.

Now, let's talk about the most distinctive things of Kylie's style.
First of all, I'm sure you've noticed her eyebrows. I know I'm stating the obvious, but these bad boys are on flick and you can't deny it. I think that probably people decided that it's not that easy to create the "Cara eyebrows" if you don't have a strong natural shape to back you up. So, they went for Kylie, whose brows are much easier to imitate. 

Next are the nails. I've been drooling over her long artificial nails for a while now. Usually I am not a big fan because they look just too tacky and overloaded, but hers are so simple and chic most of the time. It's actually hard to find a chic set of nails in stores. They all have glitter, prints, 3D stuff on etc...not really my thing.
Moving on to the accessories, Kylie is rocking her stack of the "Love bracelets" from Cartier. You could say it's pretty easy since they are extremely versatile and timeless. But she also wears some cute chokers, or stacks dainty necklaces and bracelets and she also loves rings(chunky or more delicate ones). I want that skull one so, so bad. Her thing for really big sunglasses and tons of earrings is obvious. I guess false lashes could be described as an accessory too, since it's clear that it's her favorite one.
Her style in general could be described as grungy chic meets sexy glam. She lives by crop tops, leather and high-waisted clothes, anything oversized, like a flannel or a kimono and, of course,  high, high heels.

She chopped her hair and dyed the tips blue-green and then she changed that to her usual dark color. Currently she has long extensions on and dyed her hair in a silver-grey color. 
So, this was it for Kylie Jenner's style. I made this post not because I admire her that much or because I think that we should all copy her, but because I like her style and I thought that it's quiet close to mine. I honestly don't care if she has had lip injections or anything, but I would love it of everybody could just stop the hating. Not just on her, but on everybody. There's nothing for you to gain and if you send negative vibes, negative vibes will come back to you. Just be nice to people:)
I know this post was huge but since I don't post that often I feel like I need to say more. Anyway I hope you liked it:D
 All the photos were taken from Kylie's instagram page @kyliejenner
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