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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone! I already did a post about my September favorites and in the spirit of trying new post ideas, I thought I should do one about my instagram photos of the month. Just to give you a little more insight to my life. A few more details to the photos than the caption offers.
(header): A french braid is my life-saving go-to style. Rain, humidity, crazy hair, just don't want my hair on my face? French braid! Combined with this cozy mariniere and the gold bow-knot it makes me feel like a french girl. 
 Delicious dessert with strawberries, creme patisserie and madagascar vanilla! Light and divine!
 It was raining and the sky looked so amazing. It really takes my breath away whenever I look up these days. #teamrain
 Pink office supplies were much needed! They make studying so much better. I love pink, we all know that!(latin in the background-.-)
 We were at the center of the city, or just "center" like we call it, really early in the morning and it was such a pleasure to see the always overly crowded streets almost empty for a change. Btw this part is one of my favorites in Athens. It's just culture and nature, past and present all in just one look...
 My friend has been really into origami lately and she is making swans and birds and other cute stuff. She made me this butterfly♥
 Throwback to an amazing summer in Paros. Aegean in the back, the shadow of a palm tree and my carefree, happy and relaxed self. Truly miss that.
 Hand cream brought to me from Bulgaria by a friend. It's never too early to start protecting your skin now that it's getting chilly. This beautiful rose scent just makes it even better.
 Someone cut off parts of a really big tree in my neighbourhood and while I was walking home, I noticed these beautiful flowers on it and I had to take them home. One of the greatest books, Piano Lessons, right next to them.
Walking in ancient ruins, in Athens, back when it was still warm in the beginning of September. This light...
Wings and b&w for life! Eyeliner and mascara are obviously essentials for a night out. My eyebrows are natural btw.
 Bathroom selfie at a girls night out-much needed. Wearing my beloved leather jacket from Zara^^
If you guys like my photos you can check out the rest of them on my Instagram and follow me if you havent already.
Feel free to DM me or comment here and tell me how your month was!

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Saturday, today, and I decided to take a "little" walk around town. Just some shopping(for exciting upcoming projects!) and goofing around with my bff. Searching, also, for people with interesting style in order to upload, at some point, a couple of photos at the Street Style section. It's not easy to find many, and some of them don't want to be photographed. This is why I'm still gathering material and when I have what I need I will show it to you. Let's hope that it won't take too long...
Anyway, after hours of searching for the right pieces to buy, the right people to photograph and the right place to eat, we ended up at NEON RAUM. A creative space, used as photo studio and showroom. There, you can find displayed amazing pieces of Greek designers, in a place that kinda reminds you of a loft. Interesting and unexpected stuff combined with the artistic vibe of the owners/designers, make truly the perfect match! Colorful and inspiring pieces together with smiling faces. 
Who needs anything else?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Are you ready for a trip to Ancient Greece? Back when art, science, philosophy and democracy created the perfect combination... These photos are from the actual ruins in the center of Athens. The old market, the temples and the houses, all still there taking us ages ago. It is truly amazing the feeling you get when you visit places like that, even if you've been there many times before. You just feel connected with the glory of the past, with the great philosophers and politicians. You can also see some Christian monuments being there in such harmony with the environment. It's really surprising for many people to discover that right in the center of the big city full of traffic and modern problems, still lays this peaceful, monumental place. How can someone not love their city when it consists of  so many hidden treasures? 
I chose to display at the end, a photo of my awesome friend(and photographer!) who helped me make some amazing shots that I'm going to show you on my next post. Don't you just love her Toms?
Have you ever been in Athens? If yes what did you think of it? 

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