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Sunday, March 8, 2015


My dear female readers, this post is dedicated to you, to us to be more precise! First of all, happy women's day! I hope that you are spending this day with people who love and appreciate you, with people that make you feel the way you deserve to.
Most people often associate women with clothes and makeup and "feminine stuff", but I believe this is not entirely true. Sure, we all love these, but this is not what defines us, what makes us women. I think it's the way we see things differently, our compassion, our creative touch, our sensibility and so much more. 
I remember watching a video where younger girls and grown women were asked what it is like to do things "like a girl". The message was that in most cases grown women were underestimating themselves and demonstrating the ironic perception of the modern society. Women are weak, women can't play sports, women are not smart enough.
Personally, I find that this couldn't be more wrong. I know women who are stronger than most men, just like I know men who are not good at sports and men who are not "smart enough". It's simply human nature! We can't all be the same and have all the same talents and abilities. Men usually have more muscle strength, but let me remind you that we go through monthly periods, childbirth(sometimes more than once), we take care of the house and the whole family and we go to work too. And we manage to do all these in high heels. Name one man who can do that. 
My point here is not that women are superior but just that we are all human and we all deserve to be treated as equals and have the same rights and liberties.Racism, exploitation, harassment and discrimination against women are part of our everyday lives and, unfortunately, so is rape and abuse. I don't believe in violence or war, but I believe in fighting for what you deserve and standing for what you believe.
The moment both sexes realise the importance of equal rights and mutual respect, that's when all the long-standing efforts of women will have paid off.
Today, for me, is about realising how much you truly matter and why you all deserve the best. I hope that you can all find the strenght you need and live your lives to the fullest. Don't let anyone stop you, tell you you're not worth it, not good enough. Don't let anyone, and especially yourself keep you from succeeding and being happy. You deserve it!
Now, in case nobody thought of offering you flowers today-nobody did for me-here is a pretty bouquet. To you, with love♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer