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Friday, October 31, 2014


Hey guys! How are you?? I'm so happy that this week is finally coming to an end, because I really need some rest. Here in Greece, was a national holiday, but I didn't stay in and relax like normal people did. You see, I had to go to fashion week.
Those of you who have been to one probably understand what I'm talking about. It's that mix of feelings where you really want to go and see all the fashion shows, but on the other hand, you just want to stay in bed and burn your heels.
Let's be honest, I am tired, but I truly had an amazing time. I met new people (some of them knew my blog #OMG) and I got to be surrounded by fashion, which is kind of rare in my everyday life. The ones that follow me on instagram, obviously noticed that I was posting like crazy these past few days. 
So, I thought that instead of a boring outfit post, I should show you Athens Exclusive Designers Week, through my point of view.
You know that feeling when you realise that a big event is tomorrow and you still haven't figured out what to wear? Jewelry is a very important part of my look, and I think that the right combo can really make the difference. {FIY I ended up wearing most of these the first day...oops^^}
I got new last minute business cards specially made for fashion week. I love the way they turned out! ps. I gave that necklace to my bestie to wear at axdw.
 Just a tired, blurry mess, which is exactly what I felt like when I came home the first day.
Arm candy and a bold lip(and the perfect wing that you can't see) for day1...what else?
I'm so thrilled every time I get to sit in the second or the front row because I can totally see all the details-and take awesome photos- and it really feels like it's just me and the model there.
One of the prettiest models, or so my friend who is a professional makeup artist says, of axdw in one of the most chic and elegant dresses we saw.
Vassilis Zoulias presented gorgeous 50's and 60's lines and added plenty of color. Sure works for me ^*
This show reminded me(and the rest of the people there) of the italian designers. Especially the jewelry were just so D&G!
All I wore under my strict blazer was a lace bralet. It goes without saying that my blazer was fully buttoned at all times.
The first day of fashion week was also my bestie's bday so you can guess we went a little cray-cray there. That's just normal behaviour for us though XD
"Feel your heart" program by Coca Cola light. What better thing to do than support the health of women's heart? #wecandothis
My awesome pass that really makes people look at me in a different way. It makes me feel so professional.
I've been obsessed with this hairstyle ever since I saw it on the runway. I even recreated it at home(successfully!)
The white angels at the Kathy Heyndels show were either brides or cousins of Elsa from Frozen.
The black ones had a more hipster vibe.
One of the best shows of the season hands down!
Just me once again blending in the fashion crowd. [random people passing behind me] I'm seriously in love with my outfit from that day.
Just cause it wouldn't be fashion week without delicious drinks for the tired bloggers. 
Oh axdw I'm gonna miss you until next year! Thank you all, my fashion friends/designers/idk...for the great memories and experiences! xx

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Happy Sunday everyone! I already did a post about my September favorites and in the spirit of trying new post ideas, I thought I should do one about my instagram photos of the month. Just to give you a little more insight to my life. A few more details to the photos than the caption offers.
(header): A french braid is my life-saving go-to style. Rain, humidity, crazy hair, just don't want my hair on my face? French braid! Combined with this cozy mariniere and the gold bow-knot it makes me feel like a french girl. 
 Delicious dessert with strawberries, creme patisserie and madagascar vanilla! Light and divine!
 It was raining and the sky looked so amazing. It really takes my breath away whenever I look up these days. #teamrain
 Pink office supplies were much needed! They make studying so much better. I love pink, we all know that!(latin in the background-.-)
 We were at the center of the city, or just "center" like we call it, really early in the morning and it was such a pleasure to see the always overly crowded streets almost empty for a change. Btw this part is one of my favorites in Athens. It's just culture and nature, past and present all in just one look...
 My friend has been really into origami lately and she is making swans and birds and other cute stuff. She made me this butterfly♥
 Throwback to an amazing summer in Paros. Aegean in the back, the shadow of a palm tree and my carefree, happy and relaxed self. Truly miss that.
 Hand cream brought to me from Bulgaria by a friend. It's never too early to start protecting your skin now that it's getting chilly. This beautiful rose scent just makes it even better.
 Someone cut off parts of a really big tree in my neighbourhood and while I was walking home, I noticed these beautiful flowers on it and I had to take them home. One of the greatest books, Piano Lessons, right next to them.
Walking in ancient ruins, in Athens, back when it was still warm in the beginning of September. This light...
Wings and b&w for life! Eyeliner and mascara are obviously essentials for a night out. My eyebrows are natural btw.
 Bathroom selfie at a girls night out-much needed. Wearing my beloved leather jacket from Zara^^
If you guys like my photos you can check out the rest of them on my Instagram and follow me if you havent already.
Feel free to DM me or comment here and tell me how your month was!
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