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Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Hello my darlings! How is your day going so far? Personally I am enjoying the summer heat and trying to relax while I'm catching up with work. I absolutely adore summer! ♥

In case you forgot, wedding season is on, at the moment, and the struggle is real. Not just for the brides and grooms to be, but also for the guests. Because even if you are opposed to the idea of marriage or you are too young to get married (like me), you still have to attend. And God knows how many weddings we'll have to go to this summer.
Sure, planning an entire wedding from scratch is no picnic, but attending one also comes with things to worry about. What will I wear, who should I bring as my +1, what kind of gift should I get them? 
Luckily for us, Zola is here to help. It's an online platform for wedding planning and registry, where you can find useful tools and a wide selection of wedding gifts. Since they are bomb when it comes to weddings and I kinda shop for a living, I teamed up with them to give advice to wedding guests regarding the gifts.

Let's start with some basics. Usually, the couple will provide you with some guidance on that matter. A registry, a bank account to deposit money or (if you are close) a gift suggestion. It goes without saying that you ought to follow their will. 
Giving the couple money or gift certificates is perfectly acceptable and, some would say, easier. They could use it for their honeymoon or to buy something they need for their new home. Just make sure that you deposit the money on their bank account and not show up with a check the day of the wedding. #classless

Same thing goes for the gift. It is rather distasteful to bring your gift to wedding and it may cause discomfort to the couple as well. You should send it to them prior to the wedding and make sure that it's clear that you got it for them. This way, they will be able to send you a thank you note once they return from their honeymoon.
Now, if there is no registry, you free to choose any gift you like for the happy couple. Proceed with caution though. If you are close to them, you could always ask them what they need and it's always good to include all the necessary papers in case they want to change it for something else.

The gift should reflect your relationship with the couple and show that you put a lot of thought to it - especially if they matter to you. Also, if they brought you something expensive at your wedding, you should probably do the same.
If you are close with them, you may be tempted to get them something funny or inappropriate. Don't 😝. Opt for something more classy and timeless that they could keep for years and years.
Moreover, if you only know one of them personally, it's no right to get a gift just for one of them. Their wedding symbolizes them becoming "one" and that is what the gift should be about. Get something that they could both use.
As for the budget, it depends on your finances and on your relationship with the couple. The closer you are, the more you need to spend. If you are involved in the wedding (bridesmaids etc), the gift should be pretty high end and boujee (300$ +)
If you don't know the couple that well and they just invited you out of politeness, you could get away with a pretty cheap gift. Get them photo frames, inexpensive kitchen tools (like frying pans, woks, mixers etc), trays, towels, platters and home decorations.
For friends and family that you are not extremely close to, the price rises a bit. Kitchen appliances are always great (toasters, slow cookers) and so is cutlery and knives. You could alsο get them sets for the bathroom or the kitchen and even china. If you want something chic and efficient, opt for a vase.
If someone you're really close with is getting married, you are expected to spend a bit more. The options here are endless. You could get electronics (camera, TV, stereo), expensive appliances (mixer, espresso machine), vases, pitchers, glass sets, luggage and even furniture. That golden bar cart really caught my eye!

All in all, keep in mind that the gift should come from the heart and should reflect your feelings towards the couple, as well as your personal taste. It should be clear that you were the one who picked it out and that you did it with love.

What do you guys think about all those gifts? Which one would you choose for the next wedding you're invited to? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don't forget to visit if you are interested in a free suite of wedding planning tools including wedding websites, a checklist, guest list and registry. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE #2 {holiday edition}

Part 2 is here, like I promised! I don't know if this one is better(it actually depends on your preferences) but I think that both of these posts are more than enough to help you pick the perfect gift(s). If you missed the first four slideshows, you can check them out here.

The first one (header) is for the party girl in your life. She loves to have fun and she is not afraid to show it. This is her season and she is determined to go big or go home. Hence all the glitter and somewhat unconventional choices!

The second one is for your homebound friend. She loves her house more than anything and would rather chill on Netflix and takeout. You can say she is the opposite of the Party girl, but I really think that everyone who love to relax from time to time-or all the time-will enjoy these!

The third one is for that daredevil adventurous girl. She loves to travel, she loves to experiment, she loves to indulge in exotic luxuries and enjoy life! She is probably constantly on the run but somehow manages to look flawless in her own unique way.

I saved (again) my type of category for last. You know, that fashion geek friend who knows all the models and all the designers or who just loves to keep up with the latest trends and look stylish. If it's last season don't bother buying it-just kidding XD

My song of choice is Jingle Bell Rock as performed by Mean Girls-one of my favorite movies! I absolutely love Katie and the song and the costumes...♥
What do you guys think? WHich one of these categories is your favorite? let me know in the comments below♥

Friday, December 4, 2015

THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE #1 {holiday edition}

That's right! Full-on Christmas mood is here. My crazy shopaholic self has taken over and we worked together to bring to you over 250 different gift ideas for the holidays-just in case you were sceptical about what to get to your loved-ones. 
I decided to divide them into 8 different categories so you guys won't get completely lost-I wasn't joking about the 250! In this post I'm going to share with you the first four. It goes without saying that you can totally mix these and make the perfect present for your friends and family. I included gifts from under 10$ to over 1.000$(just for funXD). Stocking stuffers, full gifts and inspiration, it's all here! Let's get going!

The first slideshow(header) is about the Girl Boss. She is strong, emancipated, a bit of a workaholic, self-made, sexy and a "tad" stressed. Or just a powerful woman who loves and appreciates herself!

The second one is for the mature lady in your life. It could be your mom, granny or aunt, maybe your boss, or just the friend of yours who is simply at "that place in life". She is chic, confident and elegant and loves to indulge in luxury from time to time. She always seems to have her life-and herself-together!

We can't forget about the guys in our lives. Brother, father, boyfriend or just friend, there is no way you won't find something for him in here. Depending on his age and style, and your relationship, there are many different options here that he will enjoy.

I saved my category for last XD. I am utterly obsessed with beauty, that's not news. But your gift-receiver doesn't need to be a makeup expert to apply to this category. There are things here-like the classic rich red lipstick-that even a beginner will enjoy!
 As for my festive shopping song of choice I went for this version of a beloved classic song. I love it and after watching the video I bet you'd want to go shopping ^*

So, those were the first ones. Which category is your favorite so far? What have you bought for your friends so far? Let me know in the comments below♥
Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer