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Sunday, July 13, 2014


?More or less? #9
I can't believe this is the 9th version of my ?More or less? category! The first one was five months ago and it involved warm, black turtlenecks. And here we are now...with summer style, maxi dresses and cute sandals, all ready for vacation. It doesn't feel real! Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday, and sometimes it feels like it was like two years ago. 
But let's get straight to the point now. You know I'm digging anything that is a multitasker, alias anything that can be worn in more than one possible ways and in multiple occasions. This is the case with these gorgeous maxi cobalt blue dresses. Here I am showing you the morning version, but this doesn't mean that you can't pull this off easily in many more ways. From a fun day at the beach and a casual coffee break with friends, to a night summer walk or a polished evening gala. Even for a business meeting! You just need to add the right accessories and dress it up or down. You can simply throw it over your favorite swimsuit, add a cardigan, a pashmina or a jacket, switch from flats to heels and, obviously, lose the sunnies and the hat and go for statement jewelry. 
Did you notice that I tried to make the costs more realistic? It's probably the cheapest ?More or less? set I've ever created, whether you go for more or for less! I love how it looks so effortless, yet put together. I've always been a fan of mixing leopard print with dark cobalt blue or black, because I think that it calms they work well together without making things too loud.
You really can't go wrong with such a simple piece, but remember to keep it chic and not overdo it. Especially in the summer.
Wear blue(my 2nd favorite color) and don't feel blue♥

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


It's been ages since I last made a ?More or Less? post. It's just that it requires a lot of work and search and lately I it's been hard to cope with time and obligations. You know how we say that you get "punished" during the week for the sins of the weekend? Well, I don't know what I've done, but I'm being "punished" with tons of work for a long time now. And it's not the kind of work that you do because you chose it and you love it. It's something mandatory to take things to the next level. Plus, when you do your job, you get paid. But, for example, in the french diploma exams, you pay them. Yeah! But I try not to stay miserable, and the opportunities that keep coming up because of my blog, really motivate me to keep going. I love french, anyway. It's other things that I can't stand.
Anyways, as you've probably realised if you follow me on Polyvore(you totally should if you don't), I've been into casual chic lately. This of course doesn't mean that the cost of the outfits is getting any lower. But there is no point in showing you affordable options of Haute Couture, since most of you probably don't have the proper occasion to pull off such outfits. Instead, everyone can relate to casual everyday looks. Gingham has been a pretty big thing lately, especially in pastels. I chose these black and white shorts to get away from the romantic, and pajama, aspect of the trend. I paired them with white t-shirts with mesh detailing to make things a little more interesting. The Chloé gladiator sandals are so good and chic for such a chunky shoe. A friend of mine told me that she hates gladiator sandals and that she prefers flip-flops. I don't agree, do you? To brighten up the looks I added the neutral backpack that you have also seen here. Final details, the bracelets! I love stacking bracelets so so SO much! It's fun and elegant and compliments perfectly any outfit any time of the day. The difference between the prices is ridiculously big. I even added J.Crew to the affordable outfit, what else can I do?
I love both outfits and I would totally wear them, more or less! What about you?

Thursday, June 5, 2014


I was always so jealous of all the subscription boxes that bloggers abroad got. So, when I found out that we had some here as well, I had to have it! We have only three right now and I decided to take this one(Beauty Test Box) because it's more personalised. You answer some questions to create your profile so you can get products that you actually want and can use. Because, if I got a cream for wrinkles, that would be a waste of money since I don't have any yet. This box costs 10€. The philosophy behind it, is that you get a box with 5-7 surprise beauty samples(or not so samples) each month so you can try new things and then purchase them if you like them. I wanted to get another one to make a little battle between the boxes, but the other brands were sold out.
 So, yesterday I received mine! A great way to pamper myself between all the overwhelming exams. You can imagine how excited I was! It's like opening a present! It came in a beautiful red box-drawer and this is so great because you can use it to store your makeup or anything you want. All tidy and nicely wrapped, yes I judge from the cover:P It contained a welcoming letter with the descriptions and the prices of the products. So here they are! 
-I'm translating below what was in the letter-
1.REN SCINCARE Moroccan otto Bath Oil-10ml(approx 3,36€)
Bath oil, with delicate scent from the expensive oil of the Moroccan rose, known for it's anti-stress qualities and the sense of harmony it offers.
2. FARDEL Pro make up Powder 3 in 1-4gr(18,50€)
Bronzer face powder 3 in 1. With specialised formula, without Paraben, anti-allergic. With extremely soft, light texture! It can be used as eyeshadow, bronzer on the entire body, on the lips and cheeks! 
 3. ADEN COSMETICS Nail Treatment-11ml(10,50€)
Nail treatment that can be used on bare nail but also as under the nail polish as a base. Visible results after 10 days of use in damages and immediate repair of the nail surface.
 4. AVON Limited Edition Perfume-30ml(35,60€)
Spray perfumes that you close your eyes and they make you travel in other worlds, scents that you link to faces and situations. Collector's packaging.
 5. Jessica Scarlet nail polish 667-7.4ml(approx 5,46€)
Long-lasting-high quality in red. Dries quickly and it's completely friendly to the environment since it doesn't contain toluene, formaldehyde and DBP.
 Generally I was very satisfied with my box mainly because I will use all the products I got. You can tell I need that nail treatment really bad. I liked that 3/5 of the products appear to be full size(maybe the smallest version) but still, all the sizes are decent enough see if I like them. I would prefer to get another polish color like a yellow or a white, since I already have some reds, but I can't complain. I just need to use the products and see how I like them. They all seem to have great quality and all smell really good(especially the perfume!). The nail polish smells nail polish-y but the nail treatment has a great smell! I like that they are eco-friendly and anti-allergic because I wouldn't put just anything on my skin. Who would? I know I'm going to enjoy this box(May's) and I will probably get the June box too!
It really surprised me how quickly this one sold out! The lines for the orders opened at 11am last Wednesday and when I checked again around 5pm it was sold out! And I could tell it was busy at 11 when I was placing my order because I was trying to checkout again and again and it kept showing an error page. I can get why! I don't know if the box is always this good or if I got lucky, but I will try to get some of others too and I will tell you what I think!
If the prices of the letter are accurate the value of box is approx 73,42
Do you guys get any subscription boxes? Which one is your favorite? Please leave a comment to let me know what you think!
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