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Thursday, March 20, 2014


Spring is officially here!We are anticipating warmer days, clear blue sky and lots of colorful flowers. What better way to do it than admiring the amazing Dolce & Gabbana collection? I've been blabbering about blossoming shoes and bags lately, but this takes things to a completely different level. There is no point in saying how much I adore this brand, we already know that! But, it's really admirable that they manage to surprise us again and again for so many years. These patterns here may be a little more predictable than the Byzantine inspired collection, but they instantly make me daydream. By just looking at them, I can slightly smell spring coming and hear birds singing. That's what I consider success for an art piece. When it inspires the audience and arouses their emotions.
I was born in May, so that only makes my love for this season even bigger. This is why this collection makes me so nostalgic and awakes the romanticism inside me(like it wasn't already awake^*).
Are you loving this collection as much as I am? Leave a comment to let me know what you think!
Be happy and positive because spring is finally here♥

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