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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Hello my dears! How is July treating you so far? I'm having a great time relaxing and making the most out of the beautiful blue sea here in Greece. There are many things one can say about our country but, damn, our beaches are hard to beat. With that being said, let's fast forward a little and take a look at Kendall and Kylie's bag collection for this fall.
If I had to use only one word, I would say...unimpressed. Don't get me wrong. I sure like those bags and I would totally wear them if someone gave them to me. BUT, they are so unoriginal that I just can't. I really do love both Kendall and Kylie's style, since it's usually pretty compatible with my own preferences-and I did really enjoy their swimsuit collab with Topshop♥. Thus, I expected something riskier, trendier.
I just think that there is really nothing special to this collection, from the colors to the designs, nothing that really wows me. Nothing, to be completely honest, that I would even consider spending 200$ on, being on a budget and all. 
Needless to say that some of the styles really ring designer knock-offs that you would easily find at Zara. As for the Bambi and Norman furry charms...we've all seen Kylie holding the original Fendi style multiple times(plus they remind me of the rats from "The Nutcracker"). Just something that wouldn't get attention from W magazine if it weren't for the Kardashian-Jenner name.
Like I said, I love the girls, and I love their style. I just don't think that this collection is worth the fuss.  If I wanted to spend a lot of money on a basic bag, I would go for the classics, that become vintage through the years, instead of last-season. I guess I've just never been the type of fangirl who buys something just because someone famous came up with it. It feels like the lip kits all over again(the basic colors not the uber cool ones XD).
Anyway, I just thought I would share my thoughts with you and see where you guys stand. I am not trying to be negative or anything and I am sure that there will be a lot of people enjoying these bags. What do you think? let me know in the comments below♥

Sunday, February 22, 2015


Hey guys! How is your weekend going so far? I'm sorry I didn't post anything for like 10 days, but life hasn't been that kind to us lately. Apart from the usual hectic schedule, something really tragic happened this week that really upset me. I'd like to keep it private, mainly because I don't want to make you sad too. Just remember that the future is so completely unpredictable so make sure not to postpone what you want to do, be honest about your feelings, let the people close to you know that you love them and live life to the fullest. 
I know, you didn't come here to hear my whining and life goes on and we must work and study and put a smile on our faces. Let's get to the post. Spring is closer than we think, although it's kinda snowing here... February is almost over and there are plenty warm sunny days to come. If you are like me you probably feel like wearing your oversized dark fluffy sweater until April, and I don't blame you. But it's time to start thinking about our spring wardrobes.
Recently, I bumped on some of Paula Cadermatori's bags while I was looking around online. In case you haven't heard of her, she is a brazilian designer who was working for Versace until she launched her own line of bags in 2010 with the signature silver buckle. 
I was immediately hooked! We all know how much I love crazy designs and vivid colors. My clothes may be a bit on the basic side, but my accessories are definitely crazy and colorful. These leather bags stole my heart. And, like it always happens, I can't afford them. Most of the designs cost over 1.000$ so, yeah, eye candy it is. Let's enjoy it.
Color block or monochromatic, studs, prints or embellishments these babies look soooo good! I can picture so many great outfits to wear them with. They are unique and crazy and fun. Aka exactly what you need for spring. Now, if you get a headache by just looking at them, then there are some safer options for you in here.
Can I just point out that the style kinda reminds me of Sophia Webster? Do you agree? Which one of these is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below♥
if you want to buy any of these then check out this list with all the online stores that sell them
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