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Monday, February 22, 2016


Hello lovelies! Are you excited for the final week of February? I can't even believe that March is just one week away-where did this year go so fast?XD March of course means spring and spring means new fashion staples! 
If you know me, accessories are my weakness and my best friend. Accessorising is the best way to upgrade and change any outfit and they say a lot about your personality-in my opinion anyway. So, when I saw this collection from WWD on Polyvore, I just had to share it with you!
So many different prints and colors and textures...I just can't even! I am so intrigued and so ready to create different looks with these. I obviously don't love every piece in this collection and I most definitely wouldn't pay 500€ for a brooch shaped like an ant! But, I think the whole collection is very interesting and it just speaks to me. Imagine all these paired with all-white looks, just divine!
As for my favorites, I just can't choose. I guess I'm torn between the chic Prada handbags with the stripes, the absolutely crazy Fendi peekaboos and the colorful shoes.
What about you? Let me know your favorites in the comments below♥

Thursday, October 15, 2015


If you're Greek you probably know them. If not, then you've probably heard me talk about them in the past. I'm not going to ramble, since the title is pretty clear. Yes, I'm talking about Migato. Greek based brand, specialised in shoes and accessories. 
Every single season, with every new collection, they somehow manage to dazzle me. Their designs are trendy and chic, sexy yet somehow appropriate for an everyday basis. This time they decided to go for something different, a bit groundbreaking. They came up with a collection addressed to ordinary people, like you and me, but with a touch of...shine. All that while putting six young people in the spotlight. Six young dreamers. This is #generationfos.
I was lucky enough to be invited to the press event. Walking down Ermou street, passing through a delightful garden cafe, I entered the amazing "K8", where the event took place. A beautiful, industrial space with great architecture filled with rustic and vintage elements, showcasing the new collection. 
We admired all the pieces, had some drinks and finger food, chatted with many interesting people and danced a little to the very uplifting sound of the band. Truly a great experience! As for the collection, apart from my photos, you can also take a look at their website Enjoy♥

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Charlie's angel, blonde bombshell, Cameron Diaz designed her first accessories collection for the brand "Pour la victoire" (For the win, in french). She has been the artistic director of the brand since 2013 and, after a small capsule, she finally designed her very first full collection. It consists of shoes and bags designed to offer you comfort in your everyday life, while keeping it stylish. 
The actress who swears by flat comfortable shoes to help her make it through the day, went for average height in heels and lots of booties. Leather and suede in mainly black and grey, but also in daring red. Keeping everything in place, being comfortable, fitting ALL you need in a trendy bag, minimize the effort. Pretty much every woman's mantra when it comes to work and everyday obligations.
Now, you can stroll around town, go to work, drive and do whatever your schedule demands and still keep it chic and stylish. You already know now that Cameron Diaz would wear that, and if we're being completely honest here, who wouldn't want to look like her?
I don't love every single piece in this collection, but I definitely adore some of them-hu header hu- ^*
What about you guys? What do you think of her new collection?

Monday, June 23, 2014


What to pack
Happy Monday guys! How are you? I finished my exams today so you can guess I am pretty excited. I am already dreaming of travelling and relaxing all day in beautiful beaches. I'll be here thought for another month or so, but this doesn't mean that I'm not thinking ahead. I always do. Plus, I know that many of you are getting ready to leave so I thought I should share my wisdom that I've gathered by going to beautiful islands in summer my whole life. So, if you have planned a vacation to an island or anywhere near the beach, this guide is for you.
1. Passport. First things first. Don't forget your ID or any important papers and use a cardholder to store your go-to stuff. If you're travelling abroad, PASSPORT! It may sound stupid but you'll feel much more stupid at the airport when you realise that you remembered to bring three mosquito repellers but not your passport. Same thing goes for the tickets.
2. Necessaire. French for necessities. Use a multitasking case like this gorgeous orange one, to store your makeup, creams, jewelry and first aids. I would suggest to go for more creams instead of makeup. The sun and the sea/pool are not the best for your skin so it can use all the extra pampering. But you don't need an entire eye shadow palette or five different lippies. Chose the basics. Foundation, concealer, mascara, lipgloss, blush.
3. Care products. Day/night creams, after-sun, moisturizing products, bug repellent, products to treat bug bites etc.
4. Sunscreen. Even if your foundation has an SPF, you still need sunscreen. 20-30 is what I usually use, but if you're as white as I am and get easily burned go for more. I would suggest a tanning oil after the first days at the beach when your skin is already a little tan.
5. A towel. For the beach and not only. Maybe you can't find an extra, maybe you just want your own towel. Bring one.
6. Swimsuit. Whether it's your hot bikini or your stylish overall, chose a favorite and bring a second to change when you get out of the water. It's really bad to leave it wet on your body.
7. A scarf. It's probably the most multitasking and light weight thing that you can bring with you. From simply having it on your neck or tying it fashionably around your head to wearing it as a pashmina to protect your arms from the chills. It may be insanely hot in the morning but it gets colder at night, especially in greek islands. You can also tie it around your waist, short or maxi and go to the beach, or wear it as a fun dress. So, choose the pattern you like the most, because you're going to use it!
8. Sunnies and hat. What else to say here?
9. Headphones. While travelling, at the beach, or when you can't sleep at night. There is always a good time to hear your summer's soundtrack. 
10. Book/ magazine. Perfect for long waitings, or many hours of travelling and of course, the best companion at the beach.
11. Sandals. Choose a comfortable, go-with-everything pair. Shoes take up a lot of space, but if you find something that you can wear everywhere all the time then your problem is solved. 
12. Jeans. You may think that you won't wear them but it's good to have them with you, just in case. Those chilly nights I told you about, or for the airconditioning in the plane or the boat...
13. Oversized t-shirt. Comfort is what you're looking for when travelling and this particular piece can be worn any time from the beach to the bed and be dressed up or down.
14. Jewelry. Let me tell you I how many I take with me every year and in the end I end up wearing the same again and again. It's simply what works for you that summer. This eye necklace and the multi-bracelet are simply to-die-for and they would compliment perfectly any look. Nobody likes to over accessorize in summer.
15. Travel bag. I mean the bag that you'll have with you, with all your necessities in it. I'm in love with this one from Tory Burch but you should choose whatever works for you best. It's better to have your hands free and being able to carry it on your shoulder. I think the perfect bag would be the new ones that Cara Delevingne designed for Mulberry. It's a backpack, a shoulder bag and a handbag, all in one(love!). I usually take my large Louis Vuitton tote. It fits everything and I can carry it on my shoulder.
Tip: Remember not to throw all your stuff in your bag. Use smaller pouches to store the things you need. One for your phone, chargers etc. , one for your creams and liquids(under 100 ml), and then put your book or your ipad inside. It really helps to store all the papers you're going to need in the order you're going to need them and in the same place.
I think this wraps it for this huge post! I hope I didn't bore you, but travelling needs a lot of planning and focus. I thought I should share with you my tips to make it a little easier for you. I hope I helped. Enjoy your travelling!
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