Thursday, April 7, 2016


Chloe S16 #1
Good morning my loves! How are you feeling today? Excited for the weekend yet? Personally, I am super pumped because fashion week starts tomorrow. And it's spring, I love spring so much!
I decided to extend the break from my mini series with the alternative spring prints when I stumbled upon the new spring collection by Chloe. Needless to say that I'm obsessed. I created 10, yes 10, different looks and I tried to use as many items from the new collection as possible.
The first one (header), is chic and simple and this is why I added the rainbow fringed bag fro a pop of color and craziness. Those platform sandals are so cute and look sooo comfy!
Chloe S16 #2
The second one is more rocker bohemian, perhaps something safe to wear at Coachella if you don't like dressing and accessorizing over the top.
Chloe S16 #3
The third one is a two-piece that I would probably wear with sneakers instead of these sandals. Like, picture it with some Stan Smith's. I like how effortless and yet put together it looks though.
Chloe S16 #4
Chloe S16 #5
The fourth and the fifth one give me some serious 70's vibes. Imagine that denim overall with one shoulder unfastened and the flowy colorful blouse peeking through. Very off-duty model.
Chloe S16 #6
No6 is also Coachella appropriate, especially if you pair it with the right overcoat. Desert vibes and spring colors!
Chloe S16 #7
No7 is very romantic and office appropriate. And it just looks so comfortable and chic. Like wearing the most expensive pj's!
Chloe S16 #8
Chloe S16 #8 by ell0oukaa featuring a pink dress
No8 is sexy and romantic, perfect for a date night. I know I'm using this bracelet a lot, but I just really like it and I think it goes with everything.
Chloe S16 #9
No 9 is very different from anything I would wear, but I think that if your style is inspired by the past decades then this would be right up your alley.
Chloe S16 #10
The last one is pure romantic and ladylike. You can wear it to so many different places and I think it would really flatter a girl with really pale-pinky skin.

What do you guys think? Which look is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below♥

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