Thursday, December 31, 2015

NYE OUTFITS♥ {holiday edition}

NYE #6
NYE #6 by ell0oukaa featuring clear handbags
I simply cannot believe that this is my last post for 2015! It's so surreal. In my head, summer was just a month ago-no joke. I'm so grateful for all the good things that happened this year, and of course for all the bad ones that didn't come my way. I want to wish you and your families all the best and I pray that the new year will bring luck and happiness to us all!
Let's get to the post now♥ You know the drill, I created 6 different, completely festive outfits for NYE.
The first one(header) is just gold, some gold and a little more gold...aka...NYE! I'm obsessing over everything in this look and I would wear it for the rest of the year if I could ;)
NYE #1
NYE #1 by ell0oukaa featuring a zip top
The second one is very glamorous. Sexy yet chic, safe with the black yet daring and festive with the glitter. I got a little carried away after that...XD
NYE #2
The next one is for that classy yet young and playful girl. I would(obviously) wear the ears with this look for New Year's. I think it's different but very holiday appropriate!
NYE #3
NYE #3 by ell0oukaa featuring Alice + Olivia
The fourth one is probably one of my favorites. Very 20's sexy vavavoom, very modern-day Gatsby! I'm in love!
NYE #4
NYE #4 by ell0oukaa featuring nars cosmetics
I absolutely adore the rose gold paired with the pink in the fifth look. I really like that every piece is very unique on it's own yet they all go so well together!
NYE #5
NYE #5 by ell0oukaa featuring a white singlet
The last one is for the mature, chic and fashionable girl out there! It is probably the most comfortable out of the six, but I wouldn't call it conservative. [I know I went a little overboard with all the fur in this post but I promise I only support faux-fur, I could never put a poor dead animal on me.] Anyways, I love the whole iced silver theme here!
My last festive song of choice is this one by Michael Buble. I know it's not one of his typical holiday songs but it always makes me think of this time of year♥
That is it guys! I hope you liked my last post for 2015! See you again in 2016♥ 
Happy New Year!

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