Friday, February 6, 2015


#NYFW Handbag Essentials
Wow, two posts in a row? That's so unlike me this year. But, instead of blabbering again about my tiring schedule, I'll cut to the chase. New York Fashion Week!
It's so close and all the people seriously involved with fashion are planning like crazy. Speaking from personal experience, fashion weeks are fun and exciting, but also ridiculously tiring and stressful. Imagine walking from show to show and standing for literally hours in sky high heels. Plus, there are so many people and photographers and loud music all the time. And you have a zillion things in mind. good thing the gorgeous shows make up for all the exhaustion!
So, you understand that your bag is the only thing that can help you get through the day. I decided to put together a list with my 10 necessities for Fashion Week. I obviously won't mention phone and wallet because, who leaves the house without these ever? Let's start!
Bag: You obviously need a bag big enough to fit all the things you need in. I like to experiment depending on the outfit, but there is nothing like a good old black tote. It's versatile, classy and stylish and you can keep it even if you change outfit through the day. This Fendi Peekaboo has a cute twist.
1. Camera
I don't just take pictures of the shows, but also of the crowds, the clothes, the backstage and everything else. And these are the kind of events where you really need good quality and not blurry pictures.
2. Portable Phone Charger
Because you're still going to use your phone a lot for social media and selfies and texts and important calls. The last thing you need is your battery dying.
3. Compact Powder
You will definitely need to touch up a little bit during the day. A compact powder like this with a mirror and the sponge is exactly what you need while you're in the car running from one show to another and you want to cover an imperfection or just to keep your face from breaking and shining.
4. Sunglasses
Apart from the obvious reason, sunnies are perfect to hide your sleepy tired eyes in the morning and also the coolest accessory. Just the thing you need to face the photographers. In case you haven't noticed, your eyes doing weird things are ruining the pictures 80% of the time.
5. Lip balm
You don't want dry, chapped lips and when you're stressed and you get dehydrated that tends to happen. The EOS spheres are perfection no matter the occasion, but you just need to remember not to get the balms in the jar. You really don't want to stick your questionably clean finger in it all day.
6. Mints
A bad breath is terrible, especially when you are meeting so many new, and important people. It's nice to feel fresh and clean all day, no matter what you're going through.
7. Card Holder
It's just too obvious to comment on that XD
8. Notebook
A small, practical notebook always comes in handy especially when you want to write an article or a review afterwards. Or maybe you can write your experiences from the week and have a collection from all the fashion weeks you've been to.
9. Lipstick
You need a chameleon lipstick that goes with any makeup and outfit, just in case. You always keep it in your purse and you have no worries. "Velvet Teddy" from Mac is a very famous nude, and I think it looks good on pretty much everyone.
10. Rollerball perfume
It's not cool to start spraying perfume and all you're going to get is weird looks from everyone. On the contrary, the rollerball is much more discrete and much easier to focus on the areas you need it. A great pick me up during the day.
So guys these are my essentials for a stressing fashion week day. What are your everyday handbag essentials? Let me know in the comments below♥


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