Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Hey guys! How is October going so far? 
We are officially in fall mood and we should definitely dress like it. Since "no white after labor day" is far gone, you are free to wear pretty much everything. But, for those of you who actually want to embrace the warmer fall colors, gladly brown/beige is here. Whether it's light powder almost pink or dark camel it simply goes with everything and it can instantly make your outfits look more expensive and chic. If you want a bolder result, just dress it up with some statement jewelry or add a pop of color. It's hard to go wrong with these neutral tones. 
Win-win if you ask me. So, I thought I should gather all the great pieces for the season in just one article. For you. I know there are mainly designer pieces in the list, but it's basically an inspiration list. I will make a post with different fall outfits with beige and brown, but until then, you can have the slideshow. 
Leather, suede, sheer fabrics, cashmere... Clothes and accessories. All you need for the season! And maybe some things you don't. I girl has to buy what a girl has to buy, that's all I sayXD
Just use the arrows to see all the pictures. And, as always, enjoy!


Santa's Hat 2 Windows 7 Pointer