Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Have a nice month everyone!!! I don't know if you guys love Urban Decay or not but, the moment I say their new products, I knew they had to be on the blog. Everyone has been obsessing over the Naked series for so long, so it's great to see some new stuff for a change.
The new additions include two eye shadow palettes, two eye pencil sets and one mini lipstick stash. Simply, all the things color to work with this(and the next, and the next) season.
The first palette, Vice3, offers a wide selection of colors and finishes, while the Shadow Box sticks to the shimmers.
The eye pencils start from classic black and reach bold metallics and brave colors such as electric blue. The lipstick minis come in 3 new and 3 already existing bestselling shades and a full-size lip pencil.
My personal favorite is probably the Vice3 palette since it contains all anyone needs for eye shadow, the nudes, the greys and the jewel tones, including a double-ended brush. Plus, it offers some colors without shimmer, which has always been my problem with the Naked palettes. Too much shimmer.
It's quite of a good deal to give 60$ for these 20 colors and a brush, all full size. It depends on whether you are willing to spend this amount of money for eyeshadows. But, the quality is good, you already know that if you've ever tried UD products before. And please, let's take a moment and think about the YSL couture palettes that offered only 5 colors for the same price. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just check out my old post about them here.
I don't know if you like these new products, but I know for sure that Urban Decay is raising the bar once again and makes it hard for us to choose just one product from just one brand. 
Wouldn't it be perfect if we could afford them all?
I hope you guys are enjoying makeup as much as I do and I hope that life is going well. Don't hesitate to leave a comment and tell me your thoughts on these new products and, until the next time, enjoy!


  1. I love these colour palettes!

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    1. me too ♥
      I kinda love everything UD...^^
      xx Elena


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