Friday, September 5, 2014


Baseball #2014
Hello guys! I hope that September is going great so far. As I mentioned in my previous post, I know that in the US fall means baseball. They have all these different teams and people of any age or sex go watch them play. It sounds like something really fun but, unfortunately, it's not something we do here. I've told you before that I really love styling and I try to have a positive attitude when new opportunities show up. So, I decided to use the great products from Fanatics, the leading online retailer for everything sports, specializing in apparel for all of your favorite teams, to create an outfit suitable for a baseball game.
You obviously get that I don't know the first thing about baseball, let alone any of the teams. I simply chose the Yankees because Joey(from the Tv show FRIENDS) was a fan and it was the only team I knew. And then, there was the question. What to wear at a baseball game? Since I've never been to one, I decided to think this logically. I've been to many sports games in my life and I know that the basic rule is comfort. You need to dress casually and smart, while keeping it stylish.
I chose this short overall because it's comfy and playful and looks less provocative with a cropped top than a pair of shorts. The top is the best solution for warm and sunny days and the sneakers are a simple game staple. What else would you wear? Heels? You want to be able to climb stairs, pass over people to get to your seat and, of course, jump and cheer for your team. A crossbody bag is the best choice since you will have your hands free and I simply refuse to wear a fanny pack(sorry).
Add a bit of bling, your sunnies and don't forget your baseball hat! You can check this great selection of baseball hats at and choose your favorite. After all, what is a baseball game without the hats? Plus, you could incorporate them in your everyday style if you want to. When it comes to the game though, just keep it sporty and chic and you are good to go!
All of you baseball fans, tell me, which is your favorite team?

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