Thursday, August 7, 2014


With the Crew♥
Hey guys! How are you all? I expected to feel sadder since I will go back to Paros next summer(feels so far away :/), but it turns out that exhausted has become a part of me this year. The truth is that those 10 days weren't exactly what I'd call relaxing and doing nothing. I had so little time to do so many things, but it was amazing. So, it feels good to back in the comfort of my beloved room for a couple of days before leaving again for Crete this time. 
I've always been a big fan of boots, especially ankle booties. But it has come to my attention that many women find it difficult to incorporate them in their summer style. So, in the mood for packing and being stylish and comfortable, I decided to share with you different ways to wear ankle boots during summer.
The first set(top) is the perfect example since nobody really thinks summer when they see these dreamy Saint Laurent boots. Nor when they see the bag. But that's why I'm here right? This is probably a look for those of you who don't like bright colors and pop-out prints. Here I wanted to make the outfit a little more interesting, pair different prints and take it from girly to rocker. But you could definitely change the skirt with distressed denim shorts.
It's just one thing that's killing me♥
For the second look I decided to go a little more boho. These are actually combat boots, but you get the point. Neutral tones with a pop of color from the eye-catching Hipanema stack.
I'm so fancy you already know♥
The third one is perfect for a chilly summer night. I love throwing a slouchy cardigan or an oversized shirt on top of everything, just to make things a little more casual and effortless. Layering is key after all.
The last one is the girliest of them all, but you can switch the dress for a pair of jean shorts and a white top. You can tell I'm into the Hipanema bracelets, can't you? 
Not even Marilyn Monroe ^*
It's really much easier than you think. In most cases, ankle boots look perfect when they replace sandals in a look. They dress-up your outfit though, so make sure not to overdo it. Just have fun with it!

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