Thursday, August 14, 2014


We all know how much I love Cara Delevigne and how I'm always looking for a chance to write about her and include her pictures in my articles. So you can guess how excited I got when I saw the new capsule collection she designed for DKNY. After falling for the multitasking bags she designed for Mulberry, here I am again, craving almost every piece in this collection.
It's so Cara, effortlessly cool, street appropriate, off-duty model. Clothes that we all want and actually need in our everyday life. Not something you wish you had an occasion for. One piece for everyday, at school, at work, even at a night out. 
If you always wanted to steal the model's style, this is your chance. You have to wait until October, but I believe it's worth the wait. Now you can wear her style, her face, even her tattoos. Personally, I'd love a piece with her lion tattoo printed.
My favorite pieces are probably the leather ones-you all know me XD- the black beanie and the tees. Perfect for winter and fall, trendy but still timeless. 
So we can thank Cara once again for making us daydream. We love you<3

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