Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 As I promised, here is the second Back to School article. If you missed the previous one, you can check it out here
This one is a shopping guide with 100 things under 100€ that you need for school. It's all here. Pants, sweaters, backpacks, even phone cases. I searched the endless lists of my favorite inexpensive stores to shop and I ended up with these picks. I wanted to add more, but I had to limit the list to the stores we have in Greece.
These are of course the things I would wear, things that suit my style. But, I tried to think in a general way. Pieces that everybody needs. Versatile products that can be worn in many different ways. Transitional, perfect for the colder months when all you need is to stay warm and comfy. You may say that there are way too many florals for winter in here, but let me stop you right there. Dark florals, with an edgy rocker twist are the new must-have for fall. I know I didn't really add that much color, but in my defense, there weren't many colorful options. It goes without saying that there are many more things that could be in here, lace tops are the first that come to mind, but as I said, I had to limit the list. 
I wanted to stick to the basics, and then add to what's left. Tons of denim, stripes, plaid, leather, black, grey, khaki and burgundy(which is also a must have this season). Biker and bomber jackets, oversized sweaters, beanies, sneakers and jeans.
I really hope you guys find this helpful and inspiring to create cool outfits this school year. Just remember to keep it casual and keep it...you! Enjoy!
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